Ben McAdoo: Player suspensions are “isolated incidents”

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The Giants suspended a cornerback for the second time this season on Tuesday when they announced that Janoris Jenkins will be off the active roster indefinitely for a violation of team rules.

That came a couple of weeks after the team suspended Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for similar reasons and coach Ben McAdoo said on Wednesday that it was not something he expected to be doing this season. McAdoo also said, via Tom Rock of Newsday, that they were “isolated incidents” and that suggestions that they are a sign of things going off the rails are a case of things getting “blown out of proportion” in a losing season.

McAdoo also addressed why he lied about Jenkins’ absence from Monday’s practice having been excused before admitting on Tuesday that he’d never spoken to Jenkins. He said that he wanted to “err on the high side of trusting the player,” which didn’t work out for him when Jenkins failed to alert the team to his late return from the bye week.

Jenkins will not play against the Rams this week and the team is expected to revisit his status early next week.

27 responses to “Ben McAdoo: Player suspensions are “isolated incidents”

  1. Isn’t McAdoodle an unfortunate “isolated incident” relative to the storied history of a proud NFL franchise?

  2. One by one players will continue to chip away at McAdoo-doo’s credibility for the remainder of the season to ensure that he won’t be back next year. These incidents are just the beginning.

  3. This guy is not a head coach, period. Wasted at least a year of Eli’s career trying to fix a “problem” that didn’t exist, and now seems to have lost the locker room completely. Too bad for the Giants, they deserve better.

    And I’m a Patriots fan.

  4. So two of your high priced DBs give up on the team just weeks apart and they’re “isolated incidents?” He’s clearly lost the locker room since the moment he called out Eli in the media

  5. Pretty obvious he has lost the locker room. Good news is he coaches for the NY Giants who will never fire anyone mid season and is loyal to a fault. He will probably be back next year in fact.

  6. So Monday he was excused Tuesday he was suspended reports are last year when they were winning the coach didn’t mind these “excused” days off. This year they are losing so they do mind. Maybe the Giants should suspend McAdoo

  7. “One by one players will continue to chip away at McAdoo-doo’s credibility for the remainder of the season to ensure that he won’t be back next year.”

    I think the players lose all credibility when they walk out on the team. That is a childish reaction and if I walked out on either of my jobs any time one of the bosses made me upset I wouldn’t be employed.

    You may be NFL players but its still a job. You are still an employee and just because you are paid very well does not change that. Good for Macadoo in suspending them for their childish behavior that lets the whole team down.

  8. Well MOVE OVER, Ray Handley! We have a NEW WINNER for my “Who is the worst NY Giants coach you can remember in your lifetime?” award.

    There is no prize money.

  9. Time to clean house. GM- Coach- Staff. Should have high picks to start the rebuild
    as this team from top to bottom is a dumpster fire.

  10. Isolated insofar as the Giants have not suspended anyone not on the team, which means that billions of us have not been suspended.

  11. As a Giants fan I can admit Eli’s not a great quarterback. He is a good one, though, and easily the best the team has ever had since YA Tittle. He’s played well on the biggest stage and decently enough throughout his career.

    It’s a shame his Giants career is probably going to end with this clueless, overmatched joke as his head coach.

  12. Dude, far too many different “isolated” incidents sicnce you became HC, and not just this year. Not sure what the word is for a lot of isolated incidents – oh yeah, pattern.

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