Cam Newton: Feelings on Kelvin Benjamin trade are irrelevant, job is to win


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton offered a comment on Tuesday’s trade of wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin in an Instagram post with a photo of him, Benjamin and former Panthers wideout Joe Webb.

Benjamin joined Webb in Buffalo and Newton’s caption read “Some things you will never understand! Damn I miss my dogs!” That response isn’t one of a player thrilled about a trade, but Newton said Wednesday that his feelings about the trade won’t impact his preparation for the task at hand.

“Obvious emotional connection. But can’t be a distraction for our prep this week. Have to be a professional about it,” Newton said, via Max Henson of the team’s website. “My feelings are irrelevant. We have one job to do – and that’s win football games. I’m up to the task.”

Football is a business and Newton’s far from the first player who has had to continue coming to work after teammates he liked were removed from the roster one way or another. His work this week is focused on finding a way to move to 6-3 by dealing a big loss to their divisional foes from Atlanta.

8 responses to “Cam Newton: Feelings on Kelvin Benjamin trade are irrelevant, job is to win

  1. His feelings are irrelevant… but not his game day outfits! There is some serious prep that goes on for that. Two hours a week with his tailor and all of those gaudy accessories aren’t going to pick themselves out. First he has to go to “What Are You Thinking Eye Wear” followed by and excruciating “Barber Shop Quarter Outfitters” for a vest and “Amish Living” to pick out a hat.

    Then comes game day… trying on endless awful outfits and accessories and making sure each one has enough room to dab his way offstage when he gets asked a question he doesn’t like… or god forbid… a criticism.

  2. This will get blown out of proportion because it’s Cam. Players are upset about their friends leaving all the time. But they have a job to do. Cam indicated that.

  3. If any player thinks that their friends and coworkers will never be traded or cut, they are delusional.

    It happens every year and every month, sometimes every week or day. No one should be surprised.

  4. pantherfan4life says:
    November 1, 2017 at 4:02 pm
    Cam handles the question as a professional and still the hates flows no matter what he does. Wow
    Weird right? Its almost like the previous years of pouting childish behavior has turned people against him.

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