Dak Prescott: Cowboys’ expectations remain same without Ezekiel Elliott

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The Cowboys have prepared for weeks to play without Ezekiel Elliott. That doesn’t make it any easier.

They practiced without their star running back Wednesday, the reality setting in that without a legal Hail Mary, the Cowboys likely will play without Elliott on Sunday.

“I mean, my expectations for this team are high regardless of who is at running back, who is at receiver, who is at offensive line,” quarterback Dak Prescott said, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “My expectation is that I know these guys in this locker room, the guys I go to work with each and every day. I know their potential. I know what they and we can do together. My expectations don’t change.”

The NFL announced Elliott’s six-game suspension Aug. 11, but he played the first seven games with favorable court rulings. That changed Monday when he was denied an injunction blocking the suspension. His final attempt at further delaying the suspension is in the hands of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

“It is what it is,” Prescott said. “It happened. I know he’s looking forward; he’s moving forward. He’s put that all behind him. He’s going to do the best he can to have his body and his mind ready to go when he returns.”

Prescott and Elliott have exchanged texts this week.

“Just telling him we got his back, supporting him, and he had a couple of words for me,” Prescott said. “I was just letting him know we support him. He obviously feels bad with the ruling coming down, but just letting him know I’ve got his back; this team’s got his back. He was just telling me ‘Just go play ball.’”

11 responses to “Dak Prescott: Cowboys’ expectations remain same without Ezekiel Elliott

  1. Cowboys not giving up or conceding the season. I’m confident that this team is built with good to above average depth across all positions and can handle the adversity. Oline seems to be gelling at the right time and dline has been humming all season, everyone does their job behind them and no doubt, Cowboys are still in the race to 52.

  2. Go 4-2 or better and they are in great shape. Go 3-3, and stil should be ok but a lot of pressure to win out to make playoffs. Go worse than 3-3 then the season would be over because I doubt 9-7 gets you in.

  3. Rod Smith could be the underrated rb in the group. He’s not going break long runs, but he’s shown to be good and could be better than Morris or McFadden at short yardage situations.

  4. You say that while with Zeke they are 4-3. If at best they stay the same they are 9-7, which they will falter. So what do you think 7-9, 6-10. Alford Morris couldn’t even handle being on the Redskins, Darren couldn’t even stay on the active roster. You now have a one dimensional offense. Beasley is in the concussion protocol and if you double team Dez. Tell how can dallas score enough to win games to make the playoffs?

    Realistic I see Dallas finishing 7-9 with wins against Giants, last game against eagles and a throw in either Chargers or Redskins.

  5. If Dallas can come out of this 6-game suspension in any kind of shape to make a playoff run, they could be scary with a fresh legged Zeke. That’s a big IF.

  6. Chiefs Run D is weak but they seem to have McFadden’s number since his Raider days. Morris & Smith should have a field day.

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