Jadeveon Clowney on Duane Brown deal: “Of course, everybody was upset”

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Texans players aren’t happy. Again.

Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney said what most of them were probably thinking, regarding the trade of left tackle Duane Brown to the Seahawks, on the heels of owner Bob McNair’s comments last week.

Then again, Brown wanting out of a new deal was nothing new, as he held out all offseason and just returned last week. But now the Texans are left with another open wound.

Of course, everybody was upset,” Clowney said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “He’s a great leader, but we don’t have anything to do with it. We got to go out and fight with the guys that are here. We’re getting ready for the Colts this week.”

Brown missed the first six games, and lost $3.8 million in game checks during his holdout, and was vocal in his displeasure with McNair’s “inmates running the prison” comment. So being shipped to the Seahawks for draft picks wasn’t surprising to them, even if it was disappointing to his friends.

“Duane’s situation, it’s a personal situation,” cornerback Johnathan Joseph said. “It was something personal to him. Him being traded, it’s obviously something he was pushing for and they made it happen. That’s part of football.

“It’s part of the NFL. It’s business. That’s why they have the NFL trade deadline and there are transactions. Guys in this locker room understand it. Duane Brown understands it.”

Of course, it’s hard to argue the deal makes the Texans better now, but it was apparent they didn’t see eye-to-eye on his economic value long before he and the owner didn’t see eye-to-eye on labor relations.

The Texans will replace him in the lineup, again, with Chris Clark.

10 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney on Duane Brown deal: “Of course, everybody was upset”

  1. Geez.. Is there anything players DON’T get butt-hurt about these days?

    Brown had a problem with his contract, and it became a problem for the team.

    Jettisoning the malcontent and getting compensation in return was the only legitimate business decision available.


    And doesn’t a player actually have to be IN the locker room to be a “leader”? Give me a break, the whole “us vs them” attitude wears thin.

  2. Where the plays upset with Brown when he held out 6 games? Even if Brown came into camp happy, played those 6 games and McNair Newberry put his for in his mouth the Texans did the right thing and got a good return (3rd and 2nd round picks) for a aging player.

  3. I think players have been upset about teammates they’ve revered being traded since the beginning of football. This isn’t an exclusive thing. When you have a veteran presence like Brown, who not only plays at a high level but also has built numerous relationships in the locker room it means something to the guys that play next to him. They all understood his holdout was strictly business, but when you take a leader from a team and send him away, of course, there’s going to be players who are up in arms. That’s sports.

  4. uh o..are they gonna kneel because they are upset he was traded? at least he went to another team of kneelers in the hawks so id say he lucked out

  5. Bennett, Sherman, and now Brown only time will tell before the Seahawks locker room
    becomes divided over lets say the OC, QB Wilson, or whatever irks them on a specific day.

  6. Seattle is perfectly happy. He is this teams kind of guy. He’s got coaches and ownership that are more in line with his views. And if he doesn’t mesh well, Seattle has shown it’ll ship those guys out quicker than most. But I’m not worried about that at all from what I’ve seen.

    Just because a majority of Texans fans seem to have different politics than he does, doesn’t mean he’s a cancer. Most all of those players at least have a good understanding and have a high tolerance for his views, he’ll fit right in just fine in any locker.

  7. Houston and Seattle are two very very different kinds of places. Some guys do much better in Seattle than they would in Houston.

    I wonder how well Marshawn Lynch would do in Houston. Marshawn was a beast in Seattle but he didn’t do so well in Buffalo did he… now he’s just old.

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