Jay Ajayi: I view myself as a “team guy”

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Jay Ajayi departed Miami with reports that he had locker room issues. He arrived in Philadelphia, addressing them by calling himself a “team guy.”

Those are the criticisms that are out there,” Ajayi said, via Matt Lombardo of NJ Advance Media. “I can only speak on how I view myself. I view myself as a team guy. I’m excited to be here. I’m an Eagle. I’m excited for this opportunity. That stuff, at the end of the day, is in the past. I woke up today as a Philadelphia Eagle. I’m very excited about that.” 

The Eagles have a veteran locker room, as Lombardo points out, with LeGarrette Blount, Malcolm Jenkins, Lane Johnson and Chris Long among others. That should help Ajayi fit in.

Shortly after the trade, quarterback Carson Wentz welcomed Ajayi in a text message. He and the Eagles are happy to have Ajayi, and Ajayi can’t wait to play with Wentz, arguably the league’s first-half MVP.

“Just having a chance to be around him today, and from watching his game throughout this season, you can tell Carson is a special guy,” Ajayi said. “He has a special talent. I’m excited to be in the backfield with him, and however they want to use me on this offense, I’m excited.” 

16 responses to “Jay Ajayi: I view myself as a “team guy”

  1. He wouldn’t be the first player (offense or defense) to put too much emphasis on looking for the big play and just go through the motions in between. See it a lot. Far too many RBs are shy at blocking too.

  2. An already talented roster just got better. Chip Kelly got rid of some of his best players (DJax, Shady, Evan Mathis) because they weren’t robots. It was a mistake. Exceptional players don’t grow on trees. We’ll see but he seems like a decent guy….maybe his former coach was just looking for a scapegoat.

  3. He said it himself… HE views HIMSELF as a team guy. Nevermind what the others actually think or what is true. He is NOT a team 1st guy. And 2nd year players should not be taking practice days off like he is a vet.

  4. It is said there are three views; How we view ourselves, how others view us, and the truth. This post shows how Ajayi views himself. The trade shows how those with the Dolphins viewed him. The truth? Yet to be seen.

  5. Cost them a 4th and he’s under contract thru next season at 760,000. If he doesn’t fit in it’s a minor loss to cut bait. If he performs like expected Philly has their back for the next 4-5 years.

    Great low risk move by Phila.

  6. Interesting that none of this was out there last year when he was running for 1200 yards. Now he’s shipped out of town, and all you here is how he was selfish and not a hard worker.

    Not that I’m claiming the Dolphins are running a smear campaign or anything…..

  7. The British are coming! And will rush for Philadelphia! Get the rest of the men suited up – and load the cannons with t-shirts.

  8. No “smear campaign” from this Dolphins Fan. But you are wrong… he was a problem from the very first game last year. The issue is his numbers are not last year’s and that made him expendable. I wish him well

  9. We’ll see… after you share the back field with smallwood & blount in a pass first offense. Then lets discuss how your a team player.

    You were the only one in miami and still bitched you werent used enough when you adveraged 18-20 touches a game

  10. Something was wrong with this guy that goes back to last year that wasn’t corrected. No team after a long hard training camp tells their #1 back and “Team Guy” to stay home for the opening season game.

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