JuJu Smith-Schuster named AFC offensive player of the week


It’s a shame there’s not a monetary award for winning AFC offensive player of the month.

Because JuJu Smith-Schuster could use his for a new bike lock.

The Steelers rookie responded to having his bike stolen last week by turning in a huge game against the Lions.

Smith-Schuster had seven catches for 193 yards, including a 97-yard touchdown which was the straw that broke the Lions’ back after a a goal-line stop by his defensive teammates.

While the big play inflates the average, he has already shown he can be a big part of the team’s big-play offense, and his contributions could directly affect the future of Martavis Bryant as well.

12 responses to “JuJu Smith-Schuster named AFC offensive player of the week

  1. If the Steelers were half as good at drafting other players as they are drafting receivers they would probably have another 4 rings.

    Their receving core is always ridiculous and seems like its always getting better.

  2. …his contributions could directly affect the future of Martavis Bryant as well.

    What future? Not only does he not have much of a future with the Steelers, I doubt many teams will be interested in his services after his contract is up. That’s because he is one failed test away from being indefinitely suspended. Then he doubled down by complaining about anything and everything. He had more targets than everyone but AB and Bell but he complained about that. Who needs enemies when you are Martavis Bryant–he is his own worst enemy.

  3. Remember that tweet Bryant sent out telling Sammie Coates JuJu was going to be his replacement. He was half right about him replacing someone else. He should have sent the tweet to himself.

    He had to know they drafted JuJu because they needed another WR and it looks like they got a good one. Maybe if Bryant were more interested in, you know, putting for some effort he wouldn’t be in the position he is now. The problem is, he keeps doing more and more to get deeper in the doghouse. I wonder what he’ll do next week.

  4. Here are some stats for the season…

    Bryant has been targeted 36 times and has 18 receptions but only one drop. That’s a completion percentage of 50% (significantly lower than Steelers with 15 or more targets). His completions have resulted in 9 first downs.

    Schuster has been targeted 36 times (an extra game) and has 24 receptions but two drops. That’s a completion percentage of 66.7%. His completions have resulted in 19 first downs.

    For whatever reasons, the numbers don’t look good for Bryant. He should be happy he has as many targets as he has. The Steelers only have six guys who have been targeted more than ten times. Four of them are WRs. Bryant should be happy the Steelers seem to want him instead of spending all his free time complaining about things.

  5. Don’t rip on Martavis Bryant too much.
    When he is on, he has flashed Randy Moss
    kind of talent. It’s a shame we haven’t seen
    it nearly enough of it.

    Hope he gets it together and the rest will fall
    into place for him. The money and the recognition
    will follow. His focus should be on getting better
    and not on things he can’t control.

  6. The bike story has definitely run it’s course.. Can we move on?
    JuJu is young and exciting but it would be really nice to have him in the slot with MB and AB on the outside.

  7. It’s not coincidence that the Steelers drafted wide receivers may not be as successful without Ben. Wallace and Wheaton certainly show that is the case.

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