Vance Joseph: It’s Brock Osweiler’s job as long as he “plays well”

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Vance Joseph stopped short of naming Brock Osweiler the starter for the rest of the season, but the Broncos coach admits as long as “Brock plays well, he plays next week. It’s very simple.”

The Broncos are focused on this week, with Osweiler starting his first game since throwing three interceptions in the Texans’ 34-16 divisional round playoff loss in New England. Osweiler has a 13-8 record in the regular season, including a 5-2 mark with the Broncos in 2015.

He replaces Trevor Siemian, who has seven turnovers and a 64.1 passer rating the past three games.

“It came down to what’s best for our football team, and quite frankly, what’s best for Trevor’s future,” Joseph said, via Troy Renck of Denver7. “The team was OK with it. They trust obviously Brock. He’s been here before in the same situation. It’s very similar. Here’s why we signed him. We wanted a veteran presence in our quarterback room, a guy who has played in big games, a guy who can lead our offense, if something like this would happen. So far, so good. I’m excited about Brock. He’s excited.”

In the past three weeks, Denver has averaged a league-low 9.7 points per game with a league-high 11 turnovers.

“We can’t see where we are until we stop turning the ball over,” Joseph said. “I am interested to see what happens when we take care of the ball.”

Osweiler was the Broncos’ only option besides Siemian, although they have two other quarterbacks. Paxton Lynch, a first-round choice last season, continues to work his way back from a sprained right shoulder that has kept him out all season. Rookie Chad Kelly remains on the non-football injury list while recovering from wrist and knee surgeries, and Joseph hinted in his press conference that Denver will place Kelly on injured reserve.

23 responses to “Vance Joseph: It’s Brock Osweiler’s job as long as he “plays well”

  1. The Broncos will be ok. Osweiler is a good QB. He’s won some games. I’d just let him play for a while and see how he does. Next year, it’s going to be Paxton Lynch’s team. A QB can’t play with a bum shoulder.

  2. Do you :

    a. Put Brock in at halftime during a winnable game against a porous secondary or
    b. Put Brock in against one of the top defenses in the league that just got it’s #1 corner back from injury.

    I guarantee you the shellacking he receives at the hands of the Eagles will be used to justify never playing him again, ignoring the fact that none of the QBs on that roster would look good against the Eagles.

    Vance already cost the team 2 games by sticking with Siemien which is why he is putting Brock in an impossible situation. It’s all about providing cover for his mistakes.

  3. so, let me get this right commenters.

    If he keeps Siemian in, he’s an idiot. If he puts in the only other QB on the roster….he’s an idiot

    you realize you’re idiots, right?

  4. Fact of the matter is Siemian and Osweiler basically are two sides of the same coin. Lynch is not as good as either. This team will do terrible no matter which of the three start. This coach walked into a team with a terrible offense. I can see them trading for Eli in the offseason. Following in his brother’s footsteps.

  5. All hating aside, as bad as Seimian is, he’s by far their best QB and Lynch is by far the worst.

  6. Michael Fergus says:
    November 1, 2017 at 5:10 pm
    I can see them trading for Eli in the offseason. Following in his brother’s footsteps.


    Eli is clearly done in NY, and his contract becomes very, very reasonably after this season. Would make sense for all parties, unless Elway thinks Eli is completely done. Which he might well be.

  7. Why not regardless of how he plays, VJ? You are keeping your job regardless of how you’re coaching (which has been dreadfully poor).

  8. I just want to see a game were our QB does not thru a pick and does not get sacked. I don’t care if we run every down just one game no sacks or INT’s because I cannot remember the last time we did this!

  9. Barring some kind of miraculous reinvention of Osweiler, it appears that the pathway for Chad Kelly to come in next year and wipe the field with these scrubs is as clear as ever.

  10. The visceral reaction towards coach Vance has something to do with his race. If that statement made you uncomfortable then you are part of the problem.

  11. After YEARS of watching football…..I think there have been more GOOD coaches with BAD QB’s…then BAD coaches with GOOD QB’s…

  12. Vance Joseph: It’s Brock Osweiler’s job as long as he “plays well”

    “So, you’re saying one or both of us has a good chance of starting soon?”
    – Trevor & Paxton in unison

  13. Brock showed Cleveland the same respect that they showed him when they acquired a 16mil. 2nd rnd. draft pick. He played his way out of there and landed right where he wanted to be all along. And with all the $$$. Don’t be surprised if you see a different Brock then what he showed there.

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