David Johnson on return: We don’t know what will happen

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Earlier this week, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said that he doubts running back David Johnson will return from his dislocated wrist to play again this season.

Johnson still has a cast on his wrist and can’t entertain serious thoughts about returning until that changes, but he is still holding onto a brighter view of his prospects than the coach. He said he is “staying optimistic” because “no one knows,” including Arians.

“No, it’s not stunning [that Arians doubts his return],” Johnson said, via the Arizona Republic. “That’s the way he’s thinking. He’s been in the league and been coaching for a while. Like him, he doesn’t know. We don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m still in this cast for a couple weeks, so who knows what’s going to happen?”

There may be factors beyond Johnson’s health to consider when deciding about a return, including the point in the calendar, the team’s prospects and the makeup of the offense around him. Until Johnson is physically ready, though, there’s not much point in worrying about them.

11 responses to “David Johnson on return: We don’t know what will happen

  1. He might be best served by not coming back this year. I can’t believe the Cardinals’ prospects are all that great, and sometimes it is better to wait it out. This will be a whole new team next year I believe. Their window has closed.

  2. If I Cardinals upper management, I put the kibosh on this immediately. This team is going nowhere and everyone knows they are starting over again with a new coach and probably a new QB. They will need Johnson lot more then than they do now. Put him on IR and settle the question.

  3. Oh, we know what will happen. You’ll get hurt again. The only question is whether Fat Brucey will throw someone else under the bus when you do.

  4. No reason to add the mileage for a team that’s going nowhere this season. Pack it in and wait until next year.

  5. At this point why would he want to risk his future for an Organization that has refused to step up and do everything it could to put the team in the best possible place to win by bringing in quality players and being active in Free Agency and Trade. Steve Keim’s passive, “do nothing” approach to replace players who didn’t meet expectations or were injured should make it obvious to players and fans alike that he can’t handle the job and doesn’t have their interest at heart. DJ and the other talented young players should look at Fitz and take into account the ending of his story when you are more loyal to an organization than they are to you, and ask to be traded to a team that is going to be committed to the win.
    Keim is tanking the season with hopes of drafting a QB and bringing in a younger staff. The problem being he wouldn’t recognize talent if it came gift wrapped and he fell over it and his past draft are proof of that. Keim is a Graves clone and long time Cardinal fans recognize that until real qualified football minds are brought in, DJ and the rest of the players can expect to take turns getting thrown under the bus while watching their careers circle the drain.

  6. Arians is smart not to rush his best player back. When Johnson heals, he should return. Simple as that.

  7. It’s a career threatening injury if he comes back to soon and reinjures it. He could lose feeling in his hand. Don’t do it. Just had a baby,got married and is due for a contract extension,to much on the line to risk playing playing for a sub .500 team

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