Jameis Winston: When we establish identity, it will be great

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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston was on the practice field and throwing passes Wednesday in a change from the last two weeks.

The hope is that Winston’s right shoulder holds up well and that the increased time with his teammates sparks better results than the Bucs got in last Sunday’s 17-3 loss to the Panthers. During a Wednesday press conference, Winston said he’s feeling good after Wednesday’s work and that he’s hopeful that the offense is moving closer to developing the identity that has been missing.

“In terms of identity, talking about everybody as a team because it’s a completely new team like every year,” Winston said, via Pewter Report. “We just have to find that. We have to find what makes us click, what makes us go and we’re trying out different things. Eventually when we establish that it’s going to be great. We’re looking forward to establishing that sooner than later, obviously.”

The final sentence from Winston’s quote is a key one because there isn’t that much later to go. At 2-5, the Buccaneers are pretty close to having their backs against the wall already and any more growing pains are going to leave them with zero margin for error if they are going to improve on last year’s results.

That was the general expectation for Tampa’s season and failing to get there may guarantee it will feel like a “completely new team” again next year.

18 responses to “Jameis Winston: When we establish identity, it will be great

  1. So much overthinking it. TB has the 2nd best passing offense and the 29th worst rushing offense. They are ranked 29th and 30th in defense. It’s not about identity. It’s about finding a RB who can keep the chains moving and having a serviceable defense. Until then, nothing matters.

  2. If you don’t run the ball then you don’t have a running game. They put way too much on Winston that he’s just not a good enough QB to handle yet. Their ratio on offense is way too much passing and not nearly enough running. On defense, they’re just not very good. That has to change, too.

  3. They are down by 3 scores in the 2nd quarter. Shame on TB for not establishing the run game down 21. Funny how total yards and points go up as the game goes on for TB. Perhaps it’s because they’ve opened up the passing game and shut down the running game…

  4. My concern living in the Tampa Bay area, all we’ve been talking about is JW and his health and not the game Sunday against the hottest team in football. This all has the feeling of another week being under prepared to play a football game. I sat through that train wreck last week at home and given the hole this team has put themselves in, I don’t see that changing at the Superdome.

    Bucs 17
    Saints 31

  5. The issue is Dirk putting JW in this box and not allowing his natural abilities to take over games. Over analyzing every throw, Dirk is a micro manager and until he puts more faith and quit with the bs conservative game plan week after week, then things will get rolling. Is it because there is a little more on the line for Dirk (his job)?

    Do you find it funny that the Bucs can put up so many points when they are 30+ points behind? Look at their 2nd half stats versus 1st half. Two completely different teams.

    I find it so hard to comprehend that Dirk hasn’t harnessed that mindset to begin games. What a waste of talent.

  6. You’d think coaches would study film of successful teams. Look at two dynasties. The 80’s Redskins and the current Patriots. They throw early and often, which leads to them dictating the game. They throw short, high percentage throws on first down, and they’re always in 2nd and short. Second and short is the best opportunity to hit a big strike. If you miss, you’re still in 3rd and short. That also tires out the defense early. It also gets your QB into a rhythm. Joe Gibbs won 3 super bowls with three different non-HOF QBs. It’s rare to win one without a HOFer. Belichick stole (I believe) Gibbs’ offensive philosophy because he was one of the D-Coordinators trying to stop it. Koetter coaches like he’s allergic to the forward pass. He’s ruining the career of a John Elway clone.

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