LeGarrette Blount: I’m just going to keep grinding every day

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LeGarrette Blount didn’t get traded this week, but he is one of the players who was impacted by the moves made ahead of the trade deadline.

Blount has been the lead back for the Eagles, but they didn’t trade for Jay Ajayi in order to just have the former Dolphin deep on the depth chart. Blount said on Thursday that he’s not worried about the potential changes to his role that could come and that he’s going to keep on doing things the same way as a result.

“There was no reaction. I can only control what I can control,” Blount said, via NJ.com. “That was a decision that was made from up top. … That is something I can’t answer. As far as I go, I’m just worried about me, what I can control and grind everyday like I’ve been doing.”

Coach Doug Pederson said Wednesday that there isn’t going to be an immediate shakeup to the depth chart at running back and Blount’s continued effectiveness should guarantee that he has a good-sized chunk of the workload even as Ajayi takes on a bigger piece of the pie.

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  1. As Belichick expected, Blount’s production is down on 2016 (YPA is back up, but carries, yards & YPG are all significantly down – and TDs way down). And watch that YPA – in NE last year he gradually ran out of gas (4.2 first 7 wks, 3.6 next 9wks, 3.1 playoffs). However, he blocked with total commitment in NE whereas I saw Ajayi do little more than sidestep the bigger pass rushers – if he isn’t getting the rock to run against a pass zone, he’s not gonna get his big play and so shies from any real effort, hence booted from Miami.

  2. Blount and Ajayi make a great 1/2 punch!! Ajayi has more speed than Blount but both are very physical and strong runners, this makes the Eagles a better team than they were last week and helps when the weather starts to turn cold!!

  3. cup1981 says:
    November 2, 2017 at 8:05 am
    Yeah, until he doesn’t get the rock one game and leaves the game early… Once a crybaby, always a crybaby.


    Funny I don’t remember any crying when he played for BB…..of course BB is not Mike Tomlin who let’s the players run the team.

    Blount was a great player for the Pats and I an glad he is playing for a good team with championship potential.

  4. It’s not like LeGarrette is overly killing it with touches per game anyway. Outside the KC game where he got 0 carries, he averages 14 carries a game with Smallwood and Clement mixed in. His usage probably isn’t going to change all that much. It’s Smallwood who needs to worry about losing his reps and eventually, job. Whether it be Blount to be main and Ajayi as change of pace or vise versa they both with be mixed in the gameplan much like it has been all year with Blount, Smallwood and Clement.

    This isn’t just a “this year” move either. Blount is going to be 31 next month and doesn’t have many years, or any years, left after this one. Ajayi is 24 and potentially the future lead back moving forward.

  5. nhpats says:
    November 2, 2017 at 9:05 am

    Funny I don’t remember any crying when he played for BB…..of course BB is not Mike Tomlin who let’s the players run the team.


    Blount’s had a penchant for personality issues for years, far predating his time with Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh (or NE for that matter). Almost is if some Pats fans pick and choose facts based singularly on what supports their homeristic worldview.

    Blount’s response will depend on how much of his workload gets eaten by Ajayi. Pretty well known that BB often rolls with committee backfields and spreads workload. The Pats also have leaned heavily on Blount at various points. Both of these lead to Blount getting a decent share of reps. If the Eagles use Blount similarly, he’ll be fine. If Ajayi or some mix of Ajayi and the other backs get the vast share of reps and Blount gets relegated to a minimal role (similar to what happened in Pittsburgh behind LeVeon Bell), see how he much of an awesome team player he becomes then.

  6. Remember this. Blount had over 1,000 yards and 18 touchdowna last season and splitted carries with James White and company. The Belichek is always right theme is getting annoying.

  7. I honestly don’t think that Ajayi is going to effect Blount much at all. He’ll still get his carries, especially in short yardage and the 4th qtr. It’s not like Blount was getting 25-30 carries a game before this trade

    The guys this is going to effect and Smallwood, Clement and Barner. Smallwood probably only sees the field in specialty plays, Barner is now dedicated specifically to special teams (should of always been), and Clement probably doesn’t see the field barring injury (after this week, as I’d be surprised if he gets more than a few snaps if any, but after the bye week)

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