Bill O’Brien: It’s obvious our offense will change with Tom Savage

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The Texans looked like they had perhaps the worst offense in the NFL in the first half of Week One, with Tom Savage under center. Then they benched him for Deshaun Watson, and suddenly became perhaps the best offense in the NFL.

So now that Watson is out for the season and Savage is starting again, what changes? Texans coach Bill O’Brien says plenty will change.

“Clearly there’s differences. Every quarterback is different. There’s a lot of differences, I mean, that’s obvious. I think anybody can watch a game and see the differences with any quarterback in the league,” O’Brien said.

Asked for some specific examples of how the offense would change, O’Brien said he’s not going to broadcast those changes to the Colts, whom the Texans play on Sunday.

“Look, I’m not gonna get into that,” he said. “Why would I ever get into that?”

O’Brien then added, sarcastically, “We’re going to do the same exact things as with Deshaun.”

Obviously, the Texans can’t do the same things with Savage that they did with Watson. They just hope they won’t go back to being as bad as they were in the first half of Week One.

16 responses to “Bill O’Brien: It’s obvious our offense will change with Tom Savage

  1. Texans are going to go from having one of the most explosive offenses in the league to making the Browns look like the 2007 Patriots offense in comparison.

    romeo crennel needs to take his old job back and coach that defense.

  2. It would change even less if Bob McScared would sign Colin Kaepernick. He’s a better POCKET paser than Savage/McGloin and he’s got the same (or better) athleticism as DeShaun Watson.

    Seems like a no-brainer, but I’m guessing Bobby won’t sign him because ’45’ told him not to.

  3. Man I’m still bummed about Watson. Hadn’t given him a close look before I saw him play the Seahawks, and I made a mental note to start catching Texans games for the rest of the year. Just hope he returns to form next year, can’t wait to see him round out his pro game and make some big noise in this league

  4. I just hate it for this young man 🙁 There is no doubt that he would have won almost every rookie award available…..

  5. It’s as if some of you just wait for something bad to happen to a team and then jump all over them. The kid got hurt so they go to the backup. Of course they won’t be as good but why all the hate?

  6. Didn’t he want Tom Savage as his qb from the start? Until he actually played… Smh. I would still keep the coach over the owner.

  7. “Just hope he returns to form next year”

    Unfortunately it usually seems like the first year back from a torn ACL the player can’t get back to 100%, it usually the 2nd year after that they’re back to normal.

    “And this exact type of scenario is why the trade deadline should either be pushed back or eliminated.”

    Uh no. That will create other scenarios with playoff teams trading with dumpster fire teams late in the season or during the playoffs and badly effecting the post season. Remember when one Harbaugh traded Anquan Bolden to the other without the rest of the league getting a shot at him? Imagine that sort of thing happening right before or during the playoffs and how much it would unfairly change the playoff field? Even worse imagine if Belichick worked some trade magic in that same time frame? All we’d see is 1000 posts crying that mean ol’ Bill Belichick had just “cheated the whole league” during the playoffs by doing so.

    The trade deadline is there for good reason.

  8. Actually, I expect the team to rally around Savage. O’Brien will try extra hard to be at his very best. If I were O’Brien, I’d be studying Andy Reid, and how he expands the field. Defenders have to cover every inch of the field. The Texans’ WRs have the speed to do it. Time to get creative. I don’t think O’Brien has anything to lose, but everything to gain. Expectations are very low right now.

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