Dolphins to increase season-ticket prices for 2018

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Most teams announce whether or not they’ll increase ticket prices for the next season after the current one ends. The Dolphins have opted to do so during the 2017 season, on the heels of a 40-0 prime-time debacle in Baltimore.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, 2018 season-ticket prices will increase by six to seven percent per game, on average.

“The price increases in place are different depending on market demand and in the context of a $500 million privately funded renovation by Steve Ross,” Dolphins president Tom Garfinkel said, via Jackson. “We didn’t take a huge price increase year one [of the renovations]. We didn’t go out with personal seat licenses.

“We chose to take increases over time. There’s a lot of value for season ticket members and their prices are significantly lower than individual and secondary market prices. The feedback that we’ve gotten is it’s a dramatically improved experience at the stadium.”

For any business, price point becomes a key factor in selling its goods or services. For sports teams, the challenge becomes setting a price that balances supply and demand in light of the fact that scalping has now become commonplace and, when done online, perfectly legal. Surely, it drives team owners crazy to see tickets being resold for a much higher price than they were sold in the first place, since that’s money that the team could have made.

Of course, if teams were to set prices for an amount that reflects what tickets often go for on the secondary market, plenty of teams may struggle to sell tickets without slashing prices.

The prevalence of electronic ticketing makes it easier for teams to tinker with prices more creatively than they currently do. From game to game, prices can rise or fall based on demand — especially in stadiums where the stigma of public money doesn’t create a vague sense that these for-profit business owners will deviate from the goal of maximizing profit.

18 responses to “Dolphins to increase season-ticket prices for 2018

  1. Of course they are. When you win your division every year and are always in contention for the Super Bowl, you need to raise those prices. Tickets are a hot commodity.

    Big raises all around for everyone doing such a great job.

    Wait. What?

    Last Super Bowl victory, 1974. Their tickets should cost what they cost then……

  2. And idiotic fans will continue to pay ever increasing costs to owners who do not give one ounce about them.
    I cancelled all my tickets a few years ago and am very happy to not pay outrageous amounts for parking, tickets, food/drink and stand around for multiple breaks in the action cause the because there is about the same amount of inactivity during a game, as there is actual playing.
    I love my huge flat screen, cheap beer, plenty of snacks, and keeping my money for my family, who appreciates it, instead of giving it away to the league…..who doesnt.
    Oh, and everyone in my home respects the anthem, or they will not be in my home

  3. Who announces a rate hike in the middle of the season? Who announces a rate hike after a 40-0 loss in the middle of the season? This is just bizarre. Par for the course during this NFL season I suppose, but Joe Robbie would have never dreamed of such a stunt.

  4. announce it when nobody is paying attention to the dolphins .. oh wait that’s an every day of the year thing. I quit worrying about the dolphins in the 90’s.

  5. Iknowitall says:
    And idiotic fans will continue to pay ever increasing costs to owners who do not give one ounce about them. . . . I cancelled all my tickets a few years ago

    Did you stop drinking coffee too? Buying groceries? Going to the movies? Drop cell service? Get rid of the internet (obviously not).
    Do you think the owners of those big businesses, or any other you or I patronize, care any more about us than the NFL does? Of course they don’t, and you’re fooling yourself if you believe otherwise. They al exist to make as much profit as possible off the backs of their customers, period.
    Does that make you an “idiot” for continuing to patronize the others, or just selective about which greedy corporations you will or won’t publicly take to the woodshed?

  6. Ticket prices to watch a bunch of guys run and throw a ball are beyond out of control. Even crazier is the amount of money it costs to park your freaking car. Add the insane amount it cost for their food and beverages (minus the Falcons) and you’re talking probably over $500 for 3-4 people. Think about that. 500.00 to watch a game that should take an hour but instead takes 3 because of all the team and tv timeouts. So let me ask, with the protests, horrible team management, the worst commissioner in sports Rodger Goodell, disrespect to the fans, players lecturing normal citizens on how to live and think while they go out and commit tons of different crimes and on top of that the astronomical prices, is it worth it anymore?

  7. dregon,,,

    A person needs groceries, and I need cell service for my business.
    But buying football tickets, paying $50 plus dollars to park, etc. iS NOT a necessity, and brings no value.

    COME ON MAN ! get a clue

  8. Well, could be worse, the prices could n have gobe up and the public pay for the stadium. At least here, the increase is going towards the renovation. Some of the increase.

  9. Oh good. This “well run” organization has done so much to instill confidence both in recent history (an 0-44 disgrace and a winnable 24-27 they pissed away due to lack of fundamentals) and tradition (no championships in 40+ years, no playoff wins in 15+ years, with two intermittent appearances boyh resulting in dramatic lopsided losses) to justify mining our hard earned dollars even harder. Why would anyone support this dumpster fire of an organization? We all know what you’re doing announcing ticket price increases while we are 4-3, before we fall to 5-11. If you want my money, earn it by giving me something to be excited about, You pathetic perennial bottom feeders.

  10. Amazing! How does Steve Ross find his way to the office every day?
    He is either totally clueless, or totally contemptuous of his customers.

  11. YEP sign the NFL death Certificate, We cant take kids to the games, They won’t be growing up NFL fans… BUT as for the players of today…”I got MINE”!

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