Eric Reid had fun as a linebacker, but likes being back at safety

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Eric Reid‘s position switch turned out to be a short-lived one.

The 49ers moved Reid to linebacker ahead of last Sunday’s game against the Eagles and Reid spent the afternoon there, but he won’t be back at the spot when the Cardinals roll into Santa Clara this Sunday. Reid is back at safety after Jimmie Ward went down with a broken arm and said that he’s happy to be back in a familiar setting.

“I had fun this past week,” Reid said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “It was cool to be involved in a lot of the blitz packages and stuff.  I prefer safety. That’s what I’ve played my whole life, but if the team needs me to play linebacker, then I’ll do it. When I’m on the field, I just do my job. Even though I wasn’t head over heels with the change initially, I knew I had a job to do and I knew I couldn’t let my teammates down. Whatever the situation is, I’m going to do it for my teammates.”

The Ward injury made moving Reid back to safety an easy choice for the 49ers, but they may have injury issues to deal with at linebacker as well. Reuben Foster missed last week’s game and has been healthy enough to play in just two games so far this season, so they’ll be hoping his two limited practices to start the week set him up for a spot in the lineup this weekend.

7 responses to “Eric Reid had fun as a linebacker, but likes being back at safety

  1. I just hope Foster last long enough to have at least one full game worth of playing time on the season. FML

  2. Haven’t taken this guy seriously since his rookie season when he concussed himself trying to spear Sidney Rice. Maybe if he stood for the National Anthem his head would clear up.

  3. liftheavyorliftheavy says:
    Deone Bucannon

    Deone Bucannon, like USC’s Taylor Mays before him, was a linebacker playing safety at Washington State — a big hitter who took poor coverage angles and couldn’t cover his own shadow. It was well predicted by scouts and prognosticators that he’d end up playing linebacker, or least a hybrid linebacker position in the NFL.
    Eric Reid was a good college safety who was drafted to play safety in the NFL, and has been playing that position his entire pro career — until now, for reasons known only to the 49ers.
    The sample size for Reid is too small to say he’s made any kind of permanent, let alone successful transition. I don’t believe he wants to remain a linebacker.
    Bucannon’s switch was less a transition than a correction. Linebacker is a position he’s far more suited to, and one he should have been playing in the first place.
    Bucannon is a good player, but in my opinion his switch and Reid’s switch are not the same thing.

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