Fletcher Cox clears air with Joe Staley, won’t be fined

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There were plenty of people who thought Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox made a dirty play, when he was involved in the collision that left 49ers left tackle Joe Staley with a broken orbital bone.

But Cox said he’s talked it over with Staley, and that there’s no more bad blood.

Via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, Cox will not be fined for the incident.

This game is so fast, most people don’t understand,” Cox said. “He was frustrated at the time, thought it was a dirty play, but honestly, who goes out and pokes people in the eye on purpose?

“I reached out to Joe and we talked through it. He did tell me that he’s been on the opposite side of that situation. . . . I checked on him, he’s fine, and we have no beef and nothing going on.”

Staley stayed overnight in a Philadelphia hospital after the game. The injury happened when Cox was trying to block Staley after an interception.

“I respect Joe a lot, and guys who have been around this league a lot,” Cox said. “I pulled up on him. He was going full speed, and we both braced [put up hands] at the same time.

“It was just a mistake. My hand went into his helmet. I’m glad that he was OK, and that I didn’t break my hand in the process.”

Staley didn’t require surgery, and is expected to return at some point after their Week 11 bye.