Marcus Peters fined $12,154 for dunking over goalpost

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The NFL didn’t mind using Marcus Peters‘ celebration for promotional purposes. But they were careful to fine him for it.

The Chiefs cornerback was fined $12,154 for unsportsmanlike conduct, after he dunked the football over the goalpost following his fumble return touchdown last week against the Broncos.

While celebration rules were relaxed this offseason, using the goalpost as a prop is still against the rules (since they’re afraid a player might knock the goalpost out of level and delay the game).

But the league had no problem with tweeting out the highlight, including the celebration in question, from their official Twitter account.

13 responses to “Marcus Peters fined $12,154 for dunking over goalpost

  1. I like the celebrations. The eagles baseball ones have been great. But I get why this one is out lawed. It makes sense. The fine might be a little high, but since peters is the best corner in football I’m pretty sure based on what his next contract will be, he can afford it.

  2. The absurdity of it all . . . Fined for dunking a football over the goalpost, while cherished and highly regarded for disrespecting our national anthem. Yeah NFL . . . You got this all worked out, don’t you?!

  3. thegreatgabbert says:
    November 3, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    If some drunk wandered in off the street and urinated on the goalpost, the fine would be a $250 public nuisance bylaw violation.

    Sounds like you know that from experience.

  4. Peters gets fined over $12,000 for throwing a ball over the goal post, and kiko alonso gets $9,000 for almost taking joe flacco’s head off. Yeah ok, that sounds fair.

  5. Wow. 12k for dunking a ball over a goal post while Suh chokes a QB amongst other incidents in that game, but Suh gets nothing as a repeat offender. Absolute joke. Anthem Protest, Kaepernick, Elliot situation, poor officiating. The NFL is getting hard to watch.

  6. The NFL is a joke….pick any reason
    Nobody gets fines for “freedom of speech or expression” when it comes to disrespecting the flag but 12K fine for the same “freedom of expression” for dunking a ball over the crossbar ?
    More and more people are just finding other things to do than watch the NFL

  7. NFL fines 12k for dunking over goalpost because it ‘might’ put goalpost out of level and delay the game?!
    What they are saying, is the act isn’t worthy of a fine, but we are going to fine because it ‘might’ cause a delay of game. How stupid is that?
    Give them a penalty if they cause a delay of game, not on ‘might’.

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