Matt Judon fined $18,231 for horse collar


The league fined Ravens linebacker Matt Judon $18,231 for a horse collar tackle.

Judon’s illegal tackle came after the game’s earlier brouhahas involving Kiko Alonso, Ndamukong Suh, Ryan Jensen and William Hayes. Judon’s fine was double their fines combined, with Alonso earning a $9,115 fine for his hit on Joe Flacco and the others escaping without their paychecks being docked.

Judon was penalized 15 yards following a 2-yard Kenyan Drake run with 4:22 remaining in the fourth quarter. The Dolphins ended up turning it over on downs in the Ravens’ 40-0 victory.

5 responses to “Matt Judon fined $18,231 for horse collar

  1. His tackle did not even look like a hire a collar, and he’s paying twice what Alonzo is?

    This is nuts.

  2. You have got to be kidding.


    So Judon takes a poor angle while making a tackle and causes a horse collar takedown which was unfortunate and rightly flagged. Now in the two years he’s been in the league he hasn’t shown a penchant for dirty plays and may have been fined one other time but I doubt it.

    Meanwhile Suh (the poster boy for dirty plays) chokes a quarterback AFTER THE PLAY and doesn’t get a fine???

    Am I missing something or is Rodger completely insane?

  3. It just gets even better!

    After watching the play you’ll notice that Judon DIDNT EVEN COMPLETE THE TACKLE!!!

    Drake spun out (which made it look like a horse collar) before being shoved out of bounds by Carr.

    Further Judon has never been fined before (confirmed by judon himself on Twitter) so what gives Rodger?

    I mean we all know you’re making this up as you go but please be a little less obvious

  4. For Alonso not to even get five figures is unbelievable.

    For Suh to not even get fined is nothing short of insane.

    Hoe can the NFL stand to look at itself in the mirror?

  5. The Baltimore Ravens have been one of if not the dirtiest team in the NFL for years. When a team counters their style of play their fans cry like they are abused little babes in the woods. Pretty good acting…. Next.

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