Report: Lions punter injured in tragic conch shell accident

Getty Images

Lions punter Sam Martin missed the first six games of the season, and it appears he may have been conked out by a conch.

According to Justin Rogers of the Detroit News, two sources said the mysterious injury was caused when Martin either stepped on or dropped a conch shell on his foot.

(While trying to out sources is verboten in journalism, my money is on those leakers Ralph and Piggy.)

Martin’s ankle was injured sufficiently that he wasn’t able to participate in training camp at all. It apparently stemmed from a vacation in the Bahamas, though Martin declined to confirm the story.

He joked earlier this week about all the things he wasn’t doing to cause the injury, including skateboarding and cliff diving. He also said he couldn’t blame his dog for it, just saying it was a “freak accident.”

Martin finally returned to the field last weekend, after spending the start of the season on the non-football injury list.