Ryan Kalil out, Trai Turner questionable for Panthers

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The Panthers are adjusting their offense on the fly this week anyway. So they might as well do it without the man in the middle.

Center Ryan Kalil is out again this week with the next injury that has kept him out of all but two games this year. He came up sore prior to Week Two, and tried to play against the Eagles but couldn’t finish the game.

At least fellow Pro Bowler Trai Turner has made some progress. He’s listed questionable for Sunday’s game against the Falcons with a knee problem. Panthers coach Ron Rivera told reporters he’d be listed as probable if that designation still existed, so he’s playing

Having the middle of their line compromised complicates the issues they created by trading with receiver Kelvin Benjamin to the Bills this week. They wanted to get faster receivers out there instead of a pair of big slow guys (Devin Funchess will now be joined by a group including rookie Curtis Samuel), in hopes that stretching the field will help a stagnant running game.

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    If you want to introduce faster receivers into the offense, then put Samuel in the game. Why not alter your rotations at WR instead of trading a proven asset for pick #90 in next year’s draft.

    The Panthers are 5-3 which is 1/2 game out of first place in the NFC South. They also have four road wins, including victories over Detroit and New England. Why on earth are you holding a fire sale on a starting WR when you are a legitimate contender?

  2. 6ball, Rivera answered this. Sitting Benjamin or taking away significant snaps would have made him very unhappy and caused a distraction in the locker room. Trading him was the best way to go. They don’t want to just get Samuel a few more snaps. They want to make him the starter so he’s out there nearly all of the time.

  3. KB wasn’t in the Panthers’ long-term plans. A 3rd round pick is good value for a guy who you weren’t going to re-sign after next year anyway.

    Also, the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

  4. the real issue causing Kelvin Benjamin to be traded is his lack of self motivation, historically.

    If the Carolina Panthers thought Benjamin was a better receiver than Devin Funchess, Funchess would not have been traded. Why? Because Funchess has it within him to get less reps and use it as motivation to get better. Funchess has never had self motivational issues.

    Kelvin Benjamin, on the other hand, has a history of showing up overweight and has always had issues giving 100% to begin with. It isn’t difficult to find examples of this. Every single Panthers fan knows what I am talking about, as hard as they would like not to admit it.

    Kelvin is a guy that plays football because physically he just can, not because he loves to.

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