Thomas Davis fined for hit that sounded bad

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Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis is not happy with what he heard from the league, about something they heard.

Via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Davis was upset about being fined $48,620 for a hit to Buccaneers receiver Adam Humphries, which drew an unnecessary roughness penalty on the play.

“As a 13yr vet that honestly tries to play the game of football the way it’s supposed to be played! I can’t imagine that this freakin’ tackle would cost me $48,620!” Davis wrote on Instagram. “Not a single part of this play was dirty! I love playing this game but if this was illegal then it’s time for me to retire! #AppealOnDeck”

Davis said after the game that when he asked officials why he was flagged, their explanation surprised him.

“The explanation was [the official] heard helmet to helmet, which is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard a ref tell me,” Davis said.

He’ll get a chance to present his case to the league later, in hopes of reducing the fine.

8 responses to “Thomas Davis fined for hit that sounded bad

  1. Bang bang plays like that should probably be reviewed *quickly* by the NFL to eliminate costly penalties. If the referees explanation to Davis was accurate then just “hearing” something shouldn’t be enough to draw a 15 yard penalty

  2. Hitting helmet to helmet is illegal….understood. What I don’t understand is why the red flag can’t be thrown to challenge whether or not it actually was helmet to helmet. After all it’s a 15 yard penalty and very likely can influence the result of the game.

  3. I’m a bucs fan and was at the game (sigh) Sunday and I even said that was a crap call on him. I didn’t see anything wrong with it and actually thought he played it perfectly. Given how soft my Bucs are, I felt like sissy for them accepting that penalty and moving the chains.

    Either way, the Bucs punted on that possession lol.

  4. He hit him with his helmet, watch the play. Almost every play in the NFL is a bang/bang play, but rules are still in place. I don’t think he needed to be fined for it, it wasn’t a dirty play by any means, but he hit the receiver in the head with his helmet unintentionally. Which is a flag, whether the ref heard it or saw it, it was the right call

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