Arrest video suggests impairment of Robert Mathis

Getty Images

Colts assistant coach Robert Mathis was arrested last month for DUI. And even though his blood-alcohol concentration measured at 0.052 percent (below that 0.08-percent legal limit), police suspected that Mathis also was under the influence of a CNS depressant, such as Valium or Ambien.

The video of the encounter with police, obtained and released by the Indianapolis Star, shows Mathis struggling to count backward from 103 to 78, missing multiple numbers and sailing past 78 before police stopped him at 71. He then had a hard time walking in heel-to-toe fashion, his arms moving and flailing to help him keep his balance.

Per the Star, Mathis told police he had consumed two shots of Crown Royal whiskey and took a “sleeping aid.”

Mathis serves as a pass-rush consultant with the Colts, a stint that comes after a 13-year playing career with the team. He will be subject to league discipline, apart from whatever sanction the criminal justice system eventually imposes.