Despite injury, Browns give Joe Thomas a pay raise

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After Browns left tackle Joe Thomas suffered a season-ending triceps injury, he said he would need some time to decide whether he was going to keep playing. It appears the Browns have enticed him to return.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that the Browns amended Thomas’s contract this week, giving him a $1.5 million roster bonus that he has already received, plus a $1.5 million raise on next year’s salary.

It’s rare that a player who just suffered a season-ending injury would be given a pay raise, but Thomas is a rare player: He’s the best player the Browns have had since re-entering the league in 1999, and he’s still playing the left tackle position at a high level, which will be important when and if the Browns ever find themselves a franchise quarterback.

So while the Browns are in the unfamiliar position of playing without Thomas for the rest of this season, they’ll have him back next season. And their beleaguered front office can claim a victory of sorts in keeping the team’s best player happy.

33 responses to “Despite injury, Browns give Joe Thomas a pay raise

  1. Why don’t the Browns just let Thomas play QB. He’s going to get hit anyway and might as well throw the ball too.

  2. Whatever he gets from the Browns it is not enough. They probably needed to pay him more just to get to the minimum spending threshold. $64M in unspent cap space available even after wasting $16M on Osweiler and they field that team, smdh.

  3. An obvious case of keeping your best player happy. And even with that injury the raise is well deserved. Thomas has had a HOF career with the worse team in football and we still haven’t heard him complain once. Total class.

  4. As much as i love Joe Thomas, i hope this doesn’t distract people from the fact the Browns were busy celebrating instead of submitting trade paperwork.

  5. His contract covered the physical injury but this is to cover the emotional damage from a repetitive nonsense injury. Love you Joe!

  6. Also, this is $1.5M of good press and a little hush money. Maybe this makes your best player and the media forget about your incessant bumbling for a minute.

  7. $64M in unspent cap space available

    No kidding? No wonder they suck. They could have scooped up Garopollo and still had money to build an offense around him.

  8. It’s only fair. The man suffered through and entire career playing for the worst organization in professional sports history.

  9. An elite Player? a 5th round pick did the same job last week this clown has done. He’s a clubhouse cancer. he doesnt practice.

    There’s a reason no team has ever traded for him. He would actually have to prACTICE

  10. “It’s rare that a player who just suffered a season-ending injury would be given a pay raise, but…”

    …but we’re talking about the Browns here. Everything they’ve done over the past two years could be considered “rare”.

    Except for the losing part. That’s not rare for them at all.

  11. Does this sound peculiar to anyone else?

    “…the Browns amended Thomas’s contract this week, giving him a $1.5 million roster bonus that he has already received”.

    It’s nice that they are announcing that they are giving him something they have already given him.

  12. As a Steelers fan, all you can do is to tip your cap to that legend.

    He deserves a Derek Jeter/Fenway Park level salute at Heinz in his final season.

  13. The most overated player in the NFL just got richer.Only in Cleveland

    Leave it to a classless, Stoolers fan.

  14. The Haslam’s are good people. This team has poured millions and millions of dollars into bad investments over the years, but there couldn’t be a better investment than Joe Thomas. Thomas is the kind of guy you just give a blank check to and let him fill it out. He’s earned it.

  15. As a HAWKS fan I wanted to trade for Joe Thomas or Duane Brown. Seems both guys are getting a little present this week. Sorry thomas is down but he’ll be back strong. He has forgotten more than most tackles know.

  16. i’ll look at his career and always wonder what if. he could have been traded so many times if he wanted to, but he declined. i guess he likes being the best house in the worst neighborhood. i just don’t get it since all these players are super competitive and want to win. it’s just sad that he chose to stay in the factory his whole career. the browns would have traded him many times if he’d allowed it. loyalty? maybe. cowardice? probably not, but the thought has crossed my mined. complacency? most likely.

  17. Of course they would. If Thomas had anything left in the tank, they would let him just walk out the door, and get nothing in return.

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