Koetter concerned that culture of losing lingers

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The Buccaneers have managed only two wins in seven games this year, losing five of their last six and currently four in a row. The situation prompted a caller to the Buccaneers Radio Network to ask coach Dirk Koetter whether a culture of losing possibly lingers in Tampa Bay.

Well, that’s an excellent observation,” Koetter said in response, via JoeBucsFan.com. “And I thought, I thought that we kicked it last year, you know. I thought we were over that. We had an excellent offseason. We’ve got really good leadership from our players. So here we are. Here we are on this losing streak. And, you know, I don’t want to believe it’s culture; I really don’t. And I’m around these guys every day. But at the same time we have lost four in a row; you can’t hide from that. I want to believe that’s not what the reason is because we’ve worked very hard to overcome that.

“But until you overcome it consistently, and I’m a part of that, so I’m not trying to point a finger at anybody else. I’m a part of that, all the coaches are and the players are as well. I hope that’s not what it is, but I don’t have a steadfast answer as to what it is right now other than the one thing that definitely shows up on tape is we’re just not playing consistent enough across the board. . . . When we get back to playing good solid football in all three phases, I think the wins will come back.”

If the wins don’t come, Koetter’s candor could get ownership thinking about making big changes, because that’s what ownership in Tampa tends to do — especially when expectations surge but performance doesn’t.

Things won’t get easier down the stretch. Last week’s home loss to the Panthers was only the first NFC South game of the season for the Buccaneers, with a visit to the Saints coming on Sunday, two games against the Falcons, a trip to Carolina, and a visit from the Saints to end the season. And every one of those teams currently is demonstrating a culture of winning, since each one is over .500.

So at 2-5 it may be too late to turn the culture of losing in to a winning record for 2017. Which could make it too late for ownership to refrain from hiring what would be its fifth head coach in nine years.

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  1. i think the culture of a coach being in over his head in tampa bay is still alive. koetter is a great OC, but as a head coach he seems to be outmatched.

  2. The problem in Tampa is the players. The reoccurring theme has been defenses that lack intensity.

    If the Glazers decide to change coaches again, they better also get rid of the players on the roster.

    Coach after coach, and the same players. It would be insanity to think that replacing the coach would win.

    What coach wants to go somewhere where the past 4 coaches lasted two years.

    The aBuccaneers would be a rudderless ship if the decided to fire HC Koetter.

  3. No pass rush (STILL!), a 23-year-old inconsistent QB and horrible place kicking. Fix those things and all will be fine in Tampa. One fixed, two to go.

  4. We saw the culture of losing immediately end in Los Angeles with the hiring of Sean McVay. Koetter has a young star QB too, but he doesn’t understand offensive strategy the way McVay does. Not all coaches are as gifted as McVay, but it shows that a good coach can make a huge difference. Koetter is the worst. That makes a big difference too. The Bucs aren’t going to get any better unless they change the way they put together a game plan. I see high schools doing a much better than Koetter.

  5. I’ve been a big proponent of Koetter. With some of these answers he gives to problems such as he doesn’t know why Hargreaves has played better the last two weeks when he played at the line and was ten yards off the line every game before he seems completely clueless. The play calling on defense of so vanilla and predictable as is the offense most the time. Slow starts on offense with no quick plays to move the ball and get into a rhythm . Too many slow developing plays, predictable play calling , under utilization of talent . The GM likes to bed in himself not addressing problems then when it’s too little too late he tries to fix his mistakes acquiring multiple people for positions except for pass rush and does nothing and people praise him.

  6. Ok, I’ll say it…get a decent QB. A quality quarterback needs to be able to do more than just lead animated chants on the sideline.

  7. Tampa seems to be in a rut… Trying to make something out of nothing from GM to HC to players….

    Mr. Malcom likely realized this when he went all out and brought in Gruden… CHACHING – Super Bowl

    And to all the “it was Dungy’s team”… Dungy could not and would not have done it… The staff would have been different, offense and defense would have been different even the play calling per game would have been different so different results… Plus, in the Super bowl they won because Gruden was so familiar with their opponent…

  8. I’m still trying to figure out how Koetter got this job to begin with. His offenses have went to the playoffs twice in all his years of being an OC and HC. Even if you go on this premise of him being a great offensive mind, which is kind of absurd since his offenses have always either had empty yards with not enough scoring or were not highly rated, how did you see that as the recipe for success. Their defensive personnel is especially overrated, but getting an HC and GM that know what they are doing would be a start. Licht has had too many misses in the draft, and Koetter isn’t an HC.

  9. We would have to go 7-2 down the stretch to have any chance at the playoffs, and we all know that is not going to happen. But as far as jobs go, if we don’t go at least 8-8 I strongly believe Koetter and probably Mike Smith are both fired and back to the drawing board for us again!

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