Tamba Hali activated by Chiefs, eligible to play vs. Cowboys

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Tamba Hali is back.

The Chiefs activated their five-time Pro Bowl outside linebacker today, putting him on the 53-man roster for the first time this season after a long recovery from an injury.

That means he’s eligible to play against the Cowboys tomorrow, and although the Chiefs haven’t definitively stated that he’ll play, there’s no reason to activate him today if he’s not going to play tomorrow. So expect to see Hali on the field for the first time since last season’s playoff loss to the Steelers.

Hali turned 34 yesterday and is coming off a disappointing season in which he had just 3.5 sacks. So it remains to be seen how much he has left. But we’ll start to get an idea tomorrow.

14 responses to “Tamba Hali activated by Chiefs, eligible to play vs. Cowboys

  1. And its on !!!

    Tamba Hali has been just itching to get after some QB’s.
    One of the hardest working players in the league, and and gives 100% every time. This is probably his last hurrah, and his pride is going to carry him the rest of the season.
    Fresh for the playoff push, Tamba is going to prove that he has some gas left in the tank and will provide some much needed pass QB pressure to help Justin Houston.

  2. Going to be a Great game! No one is picking the Cowboys to win. I love it. Our Dline has Improved Every week since week 5 when Irving came back. Should be a close game. Cant wait! Just wish our secondary would do something ESPECIALLY Byron Jones, that kid was Suppose to be a playmaker at safety…. not so much, he more reminds me of Brandon Carr (good & serviceable) but not elite as we thought. Cowboys gots a tough schedule upcoming and I Wouldnt Want It Any Other Way!

  3. Oh BTW, Zeke is Special… but just becuzz we MAY lose him to FALSE allegations doesnt mean our season is over.
    Morris and Mcfadden Both are 1000 yard rushers. Our Oline is Special so we should be just fine. Besides all we need is a good running game (not the best in the nfl) to win. We had the Best in Murray & Zeke Both led the NFL …what did we win?
    Got it? You should. Dakota will be the key & the driver to our success Now & Forever as ALL qbs are to their teams success.

  4. Don’t see Hali being a factor vs. the Cowboys. I was against the Chiefs keeping him after last season, but the team was in bad situation with the cap, and couldn’t cut him while he was injured. He might play a few snaps, considering that the oft injured Dee Ford looks out for the Cowboys. Should find out how much he has left.

  5. The only thing that concerns me this weekend is if that kook of a president is going to let something stupid fall out of his mouth while on his Asian golf excursion.

    Of course he will.

    I’m sure Michael E. agrees…

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