Vontaze Burfict: Leonard Fournette can beat us, Blake Bortles can’t

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Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict says his defense knows the key to beating the Jaguars on Sunday will be stopping the running game and forcing Jacksonville to pass.

Burfict said the Bengals’ focus will be stopping Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette, because he can beat them. Burfict said they’ll see it as a victory if Blake Bortles is throwing the ball a lot, because they’re not too worried about Bortles beating them.

“We’re not going to let the run game beat us,” Burfict said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We’re going to at least let Blake throw the ball. … I think the film tells for itself that obviously Fournette can beat you and I’m not sure Blake can beat us. We want to put it in his hands and have him beat us, if he can.”

Fournette has only played six games in his NFL career, but he already has 130 carries for 596 yards and six touchdowns, and Burfict said the Bengals have to be ready for him.

“We can’t underestimate this back this week,” Burfict said. “He has a lot of moves and we just need to get all 11 to the ball and tackle him.”

And if having all 11 focusing on Fournette leads to Bortles throwing the ball, that’s a game the Bengals think they can win.

31 responses to “Vontaze Burfict: Leonard Fournette can beat us, Blake Bortles can’t

  1. The only player who can beat Vontaze Burfict is Vontaze Burfict; which he’s done with great regularity.

  2. Wow, do I ever hope Bortles has a lights-out game against the Bengals. I’m no big Jacksonville or Bortles fan, but I want to see Bortles shut that scumbag Burfict up.

  3. Unfortunately, Vontaze, the D will probably have to score again for Cincy to win. I’d be shocked if the offense can score more than 10 points. O-line is horrid.

  4. um hes right. bortles isnt very good in my opinion, and weve had a large sample size. if not for fournette keeping his d off the field, nobody would know the name sacksonville.

  5. The Jags D is for real and I get the feeling Dede Westbrook is going to help Bortles a lot. This game probably won’t be close and Burfict will lose his cool and cost his team.

  6. He’s a tool but he’s right. Are you listening Blake Bortles?

    That said, it probably doesn’t matter because Andy Dalton is going to be under extreme pressure all game so this may be one game where Bortles outplays his counterpart, although it is only Andy Dalton.

  7. This is probably exactly what the Bengals and their coaches have been saying all week. It’s probably what every team says the week they’re playing Jacksonville. We all know that too. So Burfict is 100% spot on. But players and coaches generally show more respect for other players. But this isn’t exactly an era where we show respect for one another, so Burfict is just following along with what everyone is doing. We used to pretend like we respected each other, even though we didn’t. I mean, have we ever had a president tweeting nasty things about fellow Americans on a daily basis? A lot of us gravitate toward crazy people. Believe it or not, Burfict’s popularity is probably growing because of this.

  8. It’s actually “Bortles v Cincy D” VS “Dalton v Jax D”

    If Bortles doesn’t lose this game. Jax D will win it.

  9. I’ve only watched a couple of Jags game this year but I have 2 observations about Bortles:

    1 – when he throws down field he’s innacurate

    2 – he throws a lot of screen passes.

    Thats not what I’d expect from a starting QB after 4 years. I’d let him walk after the season, and hope he lands with a rival.

  10. JustBlameTrumpOrRussia says:

    November 4, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Jax could play defense for all 60 mins and still outscore them.
    That’s basically the game plan. We know Bortles sucks, Coach Marrone knows he sucks, too- when asked how many passes ideally he’d like to see Bortles throw in a game, he was quick to respond “none”.

    The Jags will score at least 17 points in this game. The Bengals OL can’t help their mediocre QB get to 18 or more without a defensive score. Yes, Bortles Will hand it off and throw screens and slants, that’s what he is.

  11. I like this guy, old school, this is what football was like in the 1970’s: dirty, cheap shots, trash talking, hard hits…but in today’s NFL, he is a scumbag..well than so are the 1970’s Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys, Vikings and Rams!

  12. Nobody beats the Bengals better than the Bengals do. Just sit back and wait for them to implode with stupid penalties and turnovers while Marv stands there with a blank glazed over stare

  13. Dalton is better than most people think. He’s not great and has had some terrible games, but he’s also had some very good games even though he was getting throttled due to an absolutely horrid offensive line.

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