Bengals’ John Ross a healthy scratch as disappointing rookie season continues

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The fastest man in the NFL can’t show off his speed on the sidelines, and that’s where he’ll be today.

Bengals rookie receiver John Ross, whom Cincinnati selected with the ninth overall pick in this year’s draft in part because of his record-setting 4.22-second 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine, is inactive today.

Ross isn’t hurt, the Bengals just don’t think he’s one of the 46 players who give them the best chance to win. And that’s a major disappointment for a Top 10 draft pick. So far this season Ross has touched the ball exactly once, and he lost a fumble on that one touch. That’s a huge disappointment now that his rookie season is half over.

Perhaps Ross can figure out how to use that elite speed and become a playmaker. But it’s taking a lot longer than the Bengals hoped.

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  1. He may be a bust but we won’t know it until Marvin Lewis gives him a chance. He can’t stand allowing rookies a chance, drives me crazy.

  2. I hated the pick at the time as I believe most bengal fans did as well. It really didn’t matter who we’d pick as Marvin hates to start rookies and would rather lose with veterans. We needed o-line help or a qb that improvise better then happy feet Dalton who’d rather throw it away on fourth down then throw a contested ball. Should be the last year of Marvin’s shenanigans anyways.

  3. He had one catch and a fumble as the defensive player made a great play to put his helmet on the ball–virtually impossible not to fumble. Lewis benched him right after that.

    He has barely played since due to injury and Marvin Lewish.

    Contrast that with Andy Reid. Kareem Hunt had a fumble in his first carry. Reid immediately told Hunt to get ready as they were going right back to him. Has has an amazing rookie season since.

    So which is the better way to handle a rookie that fumbles? Bench them or go right back to them and get their confidence back?

    I hope for Bengals fans Lewis does retire after this year. I mean, Ross isn’t going to play against Jacksonville, in which he badly needs some speed against a dangerous Jaguars defense? Crazy.

  4. He’ll be using that 4.22 speed to run to the unemployment office in a few years. Fast, fragile, slobbered over by media members who think 40 times matter because they never played.

  5. With all due respect to the departed, when Bengals made this pick I couldn’t help but wonder if Al Davis was whispering in their ear.

  6. Ok, let’s correct a few things.. he does have the fastest 40 time in the history of the combine, I guess making him the fastest player in the NFL. He did not have a touchdown catch last week. That was their other first year receiver, Malone. Finally, it’s hard to label someone a bust after 8 weeks while being hurt over half that time and with very limited opportunities. Let’s see what happens over the last half of the year. He’d be in today if he played Special Teams.

  7. The kid is too fast not too be playing at this point. I really don’t understand why it takes many receivers a long time to get use to playing in the NFL. Most of last year’s too receivers coming out the draft have yet to show too much in the NFL and this year is the same. Aside from juju, most these receivers haven’t done a thing. I figure WR is one of the positions fastest to get you on the field as a high pick. Is it bad coaching? Lack of effort maybe?

  8. So which is the better way to handle a rookie that fumbles? Bench them or go right back to them and get their confidence back?


    That’s was the Chiefs Kareem Hunt. First carry on the opening play of Thursday night football to open the season and he fumbled. Andy Reid came right back to him the next series and he’s been on of the best in the NFL ever since. Rewards are better than punishment in altering behavior.

  9. PFT thinks the Bengals like to play rookies early and regularly…that’s adorable.

    The kid needs to stay healthy for more than a week, practice, & learn the playbook. Disappointing? I guess. Unexpected? Not at all.

  10. This dude is “quickly” becoming one of the “fastest” busts in the NFL…



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