Cardinals beat 49ers, late fight leads to three ejections


The Cardinals beat the 49ers today in San Francisco, and at this point the 49ers losing isn’t really news — they’re now 0-9 on the season.

But what happened at the end of the game was definitely news: A late hit on 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard led to a brawl that saw three players ejected.

The three ejected players — Cardinals defensive end Frostee Rucker, Cardinals linebacker Haason Reddick and 49ers running back Carlos Hyde — will likely be fined this week, and other players are likely to be fined as well. The brawl marred the end of the game.

Of course, the Cardinals’ 20-10 win wasn’t much of a game. The 49ers stink, and although the Cardinals aren’t a very good team either, they won this one handily. Drew Stanton was decent, throwing for 201 yards and two touchdowns, while Cardinals running back Adrian Peterson finished with an incredible career-high 37 carries for 159 yards.

Peterson now has two 100-yard performances in his three games as a Cardinal, a shocking level of production considering what a non-factor he was during his four-game stint in New Orleans to start the season. Peterson looks like he’s been rejuvenated in Arizona.

That probably won’t be enough to get the 4-4 Cardinals to the playoffs, but it should at least keep them alive in the playoff race into December.

27 responses to “Cardinals beat 49ers, late fight leads to three ejections

  1. joetoronto says:
    November 5, 2017 at 7:42 pm
    Somebody better ask the 49ers if winning is important to them.
    Somebody should ask you does it matter you live in the dump from Toronto, no NFL and will laugh if the Raiders lose to Miami tonight.

  2. Aj Green you get an ejection, Ramsey you get an ejection,Carlos Hyde you get an ejection, those two others guys I never heard of, you to get an ejection. Everyone gets an ejection. Its an ejection party up in this place baby!!!

  3. They say that there isn’t as much traffic in the south bay when the Niners are playing.

  4. AJ Green and Jalen Ramsey…assorted 49ers & cardinals all fighting…

    Yet they were offended that anybody would call them inmates.

    If it walks like a duck….

  5. Raylan Givens says:
    November 5, 2017 at 8:05 pm
    AJ Green and Jalen Ramsey…assorted 49ers & cardinals all fighting…

    Yet they were offended that anybody would call them inmates.

    If it walks like a duck….


    Better not finish it…someone might think calling them fat because they’re “waddling” like a duck. Players might walk out or not show to practice.

  6. IT was like fight night in the NFL. There were at leat 5 ejections between this and the bengals/jags game and there should have been an ejection in the Bucs/saints game. Crazy !

  7. Shhhhh, hush now. Don’t inform the mouth breathers that Stanton is 7-3 as a starter with the Cardinals.

    Telling them would probably be bad for their health, might cause an aneurysm of stupidity.

  8. How many feaux OPI calls will go against the 49ers this season? It seems that they get at least 1 fantom OPI call every game.

    When the flag count goes up, the ratings go DOWN. There’s your answer. Kneel on that (and pray for guidance), NFL.

  9. The reason why Stanton is 7-3 is that cards run the ball a lot more and play defense. When Palmer (and D.Johnson) was in there they motioned the RB to WR at 3rd and 1 hoping – the oponent still think there is a chance of a run. With Peterson running over people the predictable playcalling does not matter.

  10. Josh Norman should have been ejected for the blatant horse-collar on Jimmy Graham as well.

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