Deposition list in Kaepernick collusion case keeps growing

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Billionaires typically don’t like to be subjected to any authority other than their own. In the Colin Kaepernick collusion grievance, multiple billionaires and other assorted Alpha males will be forced to answer questions under oath, and they surely aren’t happy about that.

The list of owners expected to be questioned in the case, based on cumulative reporting of ABC News, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, and PFT includes Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Texans owner Bob McNair, Colts owner Jim Irsay, Seahawks owner Paul Allen, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, 49ers CEO Jed York, and Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch.

The standard for getting a ticket to the party seems to be whether the owner has said anything publicly about Kaepernick or the anthem protests. For that reason, it’s safe to assume that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti is either on the list or will be, since he was the first person connected to the league to admit to considering non-football reasons when considering whether to sign Kaepernick.

PFT recently reported that the list of digital search terms has expanded, resulting in a broader range of text messages and emails being harvested. This could lead to more depositions, based on where that evidence goes.

The authority to question owners and other key figures isn’t unlimited.  Article 15, Section 3 of the labor deal requires the System Arbitrator to “grant reasonable and expedited discovery upon the application of any party where, and to the extent, he determines it is reasonable to do so.” The NFL will surely resist some of these requests; ultimately, if Kaepernick’s legal team can show that a given request is reasonable, the discovery must be permitted.

For a case like this, it’s entirely possibly that the universe of reasonable witnesses will expand, not contract. And given the propensity of some of these potential deponents (such as Jones and Irsay) to believe that they can talk their way out of any jam, the reality is that the more they say, the worse it could be. Eventually, while believing that they are helping the cause, they’ll end up hurting it — possibly without realizing it.

It’s all the more reason for the league office to take a broader look at this case, to project the potential worst-case scenario, to review the evidence and to pre-question the witnesses to determine the chances of the worst-case scenario happening, and to find a way out of this mess before a slew of owners who support the current configuration of the league office have gone through a grilling by Mark Geragos — and who emerge with pointed questions about how this clusterfudge could have been avoided.

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  1. I changed that first sentence for you: “Billionaires typically don’t like to be subjected to any authority from lesser Millionaires.”

  2. You can’t just file a lawsuit against the NFL and start deposing owners and issuing subpoenas for their text messages, otherwise we would all do it. These names being thrown around are wishful thinking from Kap’s lawyer. In reality, the owners’ lawyers are going to get protective orders preventing any of this from happening.

  3. No one wants him plain and simple. Nobody really wanted to bring Tebow in because of the circus he brought so why would anyone want to do that with Kaep. He shouldn’t just be handed a spot because he is a cry baby. You have to earn a spot on a team it’s not just given.

  4. Wasn’t he originally saying he was going to protest regardless of the consequences? Well the consequence clearly has been unemployment. Now he would like to sue because of the consequence. Let’s sit back and really think about his true motives from the very beginning.

  5. The NFL has around 1600 players. There are an additional 1900 NFL employees. Another 35,000ish employees of the 32 Teams, their facilities and Arenas.

    If Kaepernick proves his collusion case, the CBA becomes de-certified and games don’t get played. A majority of the above-mentioned people won’t collect a paycheck. The Billionaire owners will be just fine because they don’t make their living off the NFL.

    If Kaepernick succeeds, he will pocket money while negatively affecting the finances of tens of thousands of people. None of which are the owners who may have colluded. I hope the NFL players who support Kaepernick realize what MIGHT happen.

  6. Shocked Ray Rice hasn’t jumped in on this. Seems like he was the one that has actually been shunned.

  7. 1) Kap walked away. He quit amd voluntarily opted out of a very lucrative contract

    2) He hasn’t played well enough recently to make the notion that teams don’t want him because he isn’t good enough unreasonable.

    This is a perfect opportunity to file a motion to dismiss the case, even before discovery, and to ask for all costs and fees, which will be very very expensive as all 32 owners may wish to hire their own lawyers. Mr. Geragos may find that while any publicity is good publicity, in this case may be terribly expensive publicity.

  8. Of course the Ravens aren’t on the list. They were going to sign him until his girlfriend tweeted and they decided they didn’t that distraction. Kind of ruins the whole collusion angle.

  9. And they wonder why the ratings are down? we used to sit down on Sundays to watch some football and not here about politics, crime, murders, rape, domestic assault etc for three to six hours and now that’s all we hear! this retired player did this or this player did that, this ones protesting this. For god sakes we just want football and some time in our day to not here about all the crap that’s going. Football used to be awesome now it’s just another political agenda! “PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS” and make football great again!!!!

  10. The deposition list is expanding because this is a fishing expedition.

    Owners SHOULD consider factors outside of football (e.g., likelihood of being suspended, or rabid anti-Americanism) when hiring, as that affects their bottom line. In any case that is not at issue.

    What IS at issue is whether owners chose to work together to avoid employing Kaepernick. That is laughable on its face in such a competitive league. Kaepernick has his own behavior to blame—it made him unhireable.

    It’s amusing to watch the social justice warriors pull their hair out in disbelief that disrespecting the flag and outlet way of life generates such disapprobation.

  11. The players just don’t get it.

    Their actions are lowering ratings, which in turn, will lower TV revenue, which will certainly lower the salary cap, which will lower pay. Their ignorance is astounding, they have skin in the game and they continue to work against their own interests.

  12. I’m sure they’re all shaking in their boots, too, to get even more information on the record of why this guy is unemployable.

    Who’s idea was this? Honestly.

  13. Ridiculous. Even if there was collusion, I’d be blown away if they were dumb enough to have any evidence of it. I actually think it’s more likely that individuals saw the circus he created and said “nope.”

  14. This cluster fudge could have been avoided if a player with declining skills realized the NFL and well most jobs for that matter, are results based. Show continued declined and you will be replaced.

  15. This is going nowhere, Kaep. You’re better off saving the legal fees, because your next career as a barista doesn’t pay as well as an NFL gig.

    Maybe you should’ve signed that contract with the Niners?

  16. I can’t imagine these owners – or the Commissioner – actually putting out an e-mail, text message, or any traceable form of communication that says “Let’s all not sign Kaepernick”.

    A complete fishing expedition, intentionally designed to scare the owners into thinking “Every e-mail or text we ever sent ANYBODY, about ANYTHING, is going to be leaked out ….. let’s settle and pay this guy off!!!!!”

    For a guy committed to “social reform”, it all comes down to “show me the money!”

    Kaepernick wants to get paid, without having to play.

    Every single actual victim of “social injustice” will see Kaepernick as the fraud that he is

  17. Perfect scenario, Kaps lawyer keeps this NFL disaster story in the news. Walking away from the NFL are sponsors, fans attending, veterans, and TV watchers. You have to tear it down to rebuild it.

  18. It’s not like the team cut and blackballed him, Kaep had a good contract but opted out of it early. The fad for scramblers went into reverse and he could not adjust to a more standard role despite Kurt Warner’s help, his QBR had withered from its 2012 heyday of 76.9 down to 55.5. And he hailed the commie terrorist Castro a hero, wore those “police pig” socks and gave money to the spouse of a man who killed cops. Big pro-sports teams have to have good public relations (and good relations with the police). And Kaep’s actions broke NFL Integrity Rules. Does it really require “collusion” that no team would hire him?

  19. Go away Colin, no one wants to watch you play Football or hear your opinion about anything. This is YOUR fault that you are not on an NFL team. You are an absolute cancer to society.

  20. I am not a lawyer.
    But i think in this case, it will be hard to prove collusion without a “smoking gun,” like a league wide email or meeting minutes saying “all right, none of us is going to sign this guy.”

    A couple of friends talking about how they wouldn’t sign an expensive, unpatriotic loser is not collusion. Any reasonable person comes to the same conclusion without “colluding” not to do it.

  21. Still Not sure how you can have collusion in any situation where it’s not you’re given right to play. It’s a privilege.

  22. The NFL loves article 46 of the contract which we frequently see being used. However Section 1 of the CBA prohibits Collusion among the owners. Collusion could also be in violation of the National Labor Relations act. He has a right to pursue and gather evidence under the CBA. If the owners have nothing to hide they should willingly testify under oath. I don’t personally agree with Kapernick’s decision to sit for the Anthem but he does have the right to protest under our Constitution. There may always be consequences to our actions as well. I’m sure the Owners aren’t happy with this but they signed the CBA.

  23. Is Kaepernick going to go broke trying to prove this? Lawyers are not cheap. Could the owners collude to extend this circus to try and bankrupt Kap for trying to go after them?

  24. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt by a shady lawyer on a giant fishing expedition. If the NFL wins this lawsuit Kaep is going to have a huge legal bill to pay. Maybe his girlfriend will pay it for him.

  25. Smilesaustin – Nov. 5 8:45 “Whose idea was this?”

    I’m sure florio is benefitting from this because he been pushing this whole issue from the beginning.

    Cui bono?

  26. The list of people to be deposed continues to increase. In “legal terms,” this is called “throw everything against the wall and let’s see if something sticks.”

  27. Let me get this straight: if no one hires me, I can sue all the prospective employers for collusion that they conspired together not to hire me. I can get them all to expose all their emails and text messages. And if I get lucky and one of them happened to mention me to another, that will provide enough evidence to prove collusion? Why bother working? This is the greatest scam in history!!

    Only in America!!

  28. We are now at the point which legal scholars refer to as throwing stuff against the wall to see if it sticks.

    But I am loving this cell phone inquisition. Sauce for all those “turn over your phone if you have nothing to hide” geese.

  29. demskinsbaby says:
    November 5, 2017 at 9:48 pm
    People are sickened more by the protest than the actual reason for the protests. Racists sons of b****es.

    It’s because the protest began as a false narrative to explain Kaepernick’s refusal to stand. That and the associated narratives are so twisted and disjointed they do not deserve our attention. Couple that with cold blooded murder of police based on this same false narrative and there you have it. But if it makes you feel better to generalize and spew bigotry, please continue.

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