Falcons up 10-0 on Panthers in first quarter


The Panthers have some issues on offense this season. And if they want to get back into this one, they’re going to have to fix them quickly.

The Falcons are up 10-0 already in the first quarter, after Mohamed Sanu‘s touchdown grab.

The Falcons already have 134 yards of offense, and they’ve made an effort to get Julio Jones involved early. Jones caught a 34-yarder on the first play of the game, and has two receptions for 55 yards already.

The Panthers are trying to run the ball, but Jonathan Stewart has already fumbled twice, which makes those efforts moot. The second one came after Cam Newton scrambled for a 34-yard gain, but the enthusiasm was short-lived.

Considering the flux they put their passing game in with this week’s trade of Kelvin Benjamin, that’s ruining what seemed like a solid idea — to get back to their physical running.