Giants players say they didn’t quit on Sunday


When you give up 51 points for your seventh loss in eight games, some people will wonder if players are giving their full effort.

Giants players say that quitting was not an issue in their 51-17 loss to the Rams on Sunday, though. Safety Landon Collins said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, “definitely not” when asked if the team quit and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie agreed when he said he didn’t “think guys laid down.”

If not quitting, how do you explain giving up a 52-yard touchdown on third-and-33 or the breakdowns that led to a long Sammy Watkins touchdown? Rodgers-Cromartie offered some thoughts, although he had to admit he thought the team would have put up more fight.

“You can’t put it on coaches,” Rodgers-Cromartie said, via “Not the way we’re playing. I could see if somebody is out-scheming us, but we’re having blown coverages, people wide open. You can’t fire no coaches for that. You have to fire the player or something. Something’s got to give. … I thought we hit it where enough is enough and you should see a different fight. For some reason, it just ain’t hit yet.”

Giants co-owner John Mara passed on a chance to offer his own thoughts on the Giants giving up their most points in a home game since 1964, saying that he thinks “it speaks for itself” after leaving his box with eight minutes to go in the game. The Giants wound up that 1964 season 2-10-2, but Allie Sherman would coach the team until 1968. It remains to be seen if Ben McAdoo will get that kind of rope.

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  1. yeah right. The coach is horrible, the players are beyond bad, and people can make excuses for Elis poor play all they want, but Eli is done and has been a mediocre QB for a while now.

  2. Eli is not the problem. O wait he should be able to run for his life when he has 2.5 seconds if that to get rid of the ball. The team has talent that has been setup to fail by coaching

  3. I can’t believe the Giants don’t just fire him. Spags takes over had interim head ache, they have an OC to call the offense since McAdoo gave that up. The play on the field is bad, all the behind the scenes player suspensions are even worse. Eli is not playing well, but their GM bet their season on a highly drafted OL that was a bust last year at LT, suddenly playing good enough–Flowers cannot play LT. That they won’t move him to right is a huge warning sign. Doesn’t help that some other players went after Flowers for his awful play in the locker room.

    I do think they will have to clean house in the offseason–GM Jerry Reese already seems resigned to getting fired, and they may as well turn over their entire staff in the process.

    IF they try to bring in a new GM with the same staff, they won’t get the top level candidates.

    Will giants take a QB, a defensive player or a LT with their pick? They have plenty of needs.

    I just appreciate that most of the drama on and off the field is coming from the Giants this year, not the Jets. Yes, the Jets are limited on talent and badly need a QB, but…at least they have been competitive in most of their games and maybe a few plays away from 6-3. Thats pretty stunning for a team the oddsmakers called likely to go 0-16. While the 49ers and Browns still lurch toward that record. Of course, the Jets could finish with losing out and go 4-12, but thats a lot better than 0-16.

    I think. I don’t know. Do Giants go 1-15 then?

    Last time that happened, they dumped their QB and got Eli. Sam Darnold, welcome to the big apple..for the Giants. Maybe Giants trade Geno back to the Jets?

  4. “You can’t fire no coaches for that.”
    So what you’re saying Dominique is that you fire coaches for that?

  5. If Eli Apple was giving maximum effort on the 3rd and 33 touchdown disaster he should be cut immediately.

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