Jaguars run over Bengals 23-7


The Jaguars didn’t miss Leonard Fournette on Sunday, blowing out the Bengals 23-7.

With Fournette inactive for violating team rules, the Jaguars used three running backs to rush for 148 yards. Chris Ivory led the way with 20 carries for 69 yards. T.J. Yeldon added 41 yards on 11 carries.

The Jaguars dominated from start to finish. They could have made it worse after reaching the Cincinnati 1 but took a knee on fourth down with 33 seconds remaining.

They also could have made it worse if they hadn’t settled for Josh Lambo field goals of 32, 56 and 25 yards.

As it was, the Jaguars gained 407 yards as Blake Bortles went 24-of-38 for 259 yards with a touchdown.

Jaydon Mickens put the exclamation point on the game for the Jaguars with a 63-yard punt return with 14:35 remaining.

The Bengals gained only 148 yards as Andy Dalton went 10-of-18 for 136 yards. Wide receiver A.J. Green was tossed at the end of the first half for fighting with cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who also was ejected. Green had one catch for 6 yards.

12 responses to “Jaguars run over Bengals 23-7

  1. I’m a 50 year Bengal fan through/through. 2017 Bengals flat out suck! Marvin Lewis has totally lost control and this team totally unraveling and has been a mediocre coach since becoming HC for a mediocre organization. Blow the damn thing up and for fan’s sake fire Marvin now!

  2. Somebody remind Burfict to play and not worry about who is playing for Jacksonville. Once again another athlete has to eat his words. They never learn!!

  3. Prob could have used John Ross after aj got kicked out. Oh, but he’s out for no apparent reason. Without Ross this is the same team as last year with a worse o line. No wonder they have a bottom 5 offense. They have whiffed on 2 of the last three first round picks. And was asleep at the wheel as Cleveland screwed up the McCarron trade.

  4. That defense is very good. If they can keep this up and make the playoffs, it will be very interesting to see how a team like this that runs the ball well and has a defense like that, 2 things that travel well and win games , perform in the playoffs. Could be a Raven like 2001 run with Dilfer at QB on any given Sunday with the current top teams in the AFC in their way.

  5. Burfict bad-mouthed Bortles before the game, AJ gets in a street fight and gets ejected, Pacman rips a receiver’s helmet off for a flagrant foul, and Marvin just keeps being Marvin by not taking control over his players. Their owner, Brown, is clueless too. Both Ohio teams are irrelevant once again.

  6. …”Both Ohio teams are irrelevant once again.”…
    Three, including Ohio State.

  7. Bengals don’t need to blow everything up. Before the last couple of years, they were drafting very well, which makes me wonder if Duke Tobin got overruled by Brown like was going on in the past. They clearly need a new voice at coach, but the defense has still been very good this year. Dalton also has always held this team back when it did have a top 2 or 3 roster in the league a few years ago before they started losing players in FA, so they might use this opportunity to draft his replacement and cut their losses.

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