Jerry Jones claims the Cowboys have “zero tolerance” for domestic violence

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is continuing his defense of running back Ezekiel Elliott and saying he wouldn’t support Elliott if he believed, as the NFL does, that Elliott had committed domestic violence.

“Make no mistake about it, there is zero tolerance, complete zero tolerance by me and by the Cowboys about domestic violence,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Complete zero tolerance. I know the complete facts as it’s presented of anything the NFL knows about. And he is not being treated fairly.”

But even setting aside the Elliott case, the Cowboys were the team that gave Greg Hardy another chance in 2015 after the Panthers severed ties with him in 2014 over a domestic violence case. No other team has been willing to give Hardy a chance since that 2015 season in Dallas, so in the case of Hardy you could argue that the Cowboys were the one and only team that didn’t take a “zero tolerance” approach.

As for Elliott, Jones said he believes the evidence collected both by law enforcement and by the NFL was insufficient to draw a conclusion that Elliott committed domestic violence. The league disagrees.

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  1. I just don’t believe him. Jones thinks all marketing statements are valid only at the time he utters them. He can change his mind 30 seconds later and that is OK to him. I dislike that.

  2. This guy has to be the dumbest smart person on earth. He can’t get out of his own way. I still can’t get over the whole Jimmy/Switzer thing. It’s always about Jerrah.

  3. …unless your name is Ezekiel Elliott or Greg Hardy or anyone else who can potentially help the team win, otherwise, yeah… uh, how bout ‘dem Cowboys!

  4. He was OK with Hardy and OK with Josh Brent coming back to the Cowboys after the drunk driving manslaughter of a teammate.

  5. Aside from the clearly silly statement from Jones, let’s not assume that the NFL actually believes that Elliot actually assaulted that woman. The only thing they (Goodell) care about is how they look.

  6. he must have changed his tune since greg hardy and staying quiet
    and/or applauding goodell during the framing of brady


    Tommy destroyed evidence

  7. Jerry taking a play from his buddy DT’s playbook. Do one thing, say another…… and 33% of the people listening will believe you no matter what you said.

  8. Greg Hardy was found not guilty by a judge, not saying he was innocent, he was found not guilty. He played good for one half of one game for us.
    Zeke didn’t do anything to that girl except exclude her from a party. She set this whole thing up to get revenge for that. She said to him that she is a white girl and he is a black male athlete and nobody will believe him. That is all I need to hear to know Zeke didn’t lay a hand on her and he is being railroaded by the NFL.

  9. wib22 says:
    November 5, 2017 at 10:49 am
    he must have changed his tune since greg hardy and staying quiet
    and/or applauding goodell during the framing of brady


    Tommy destroyed evidence


    Evidence of what….that balls lose air pressure as temperature decreases? If this was not true then why were the Colts’ footballs also under the legal limit?

  10. He’s either so arrogant or senile he believes the fans will are stupid enough to believe this blatant lie. Its insulting to the entire NFL fanbase of all teams.

    That’s what the owners think of us people, that they can put forth any lie and we’ll eat it up.

  11. Zeke Elliot, Joe Mixon, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, & those like them should not be allowed in the league period! If you are violent against women and children then society has no place for you.

  12. wib22 says:
    November 5, 2017 at 10:49 am
    he must have changed his tune since greg hardy and staying quiet
    and/or applauding goodell during the framing of brady


    Tommy destroyed evidence

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    umm, no he didn’t…brady showed it all and took the federal oath..goodell lied and bid behind espn and lawyers, alongside cheating
    onwers who had something to gain against the pats

  13. Jerry Jones is the Donald Trump of the NFL. It’s truly amazing the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

  14. luckyforus says:
    November 5, 2017 at 11:01 am
    And Tommy didn’t fully cooperate and neither did the Patriots. And Tommy lied.

    Also Elliott didn’t fully cooperate.

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    and that’s two back to back lies, folks

    do you believe in the tooth fairy, too?

  15. People in general no longer tell the truth. Most simply say what they want to believe. True integrity and objectivity are becoming as rare as common sense.

  16. Jerry, you lie as well as your buddy, little hands Trump. You didn’t mind signing Greg Hardy, a convicted domestic violence person. Quit the BS, sell the team to someone who will build a team to win the super bowl. Feel sorry for the people of Dallas to have to put up with a POS like you.

  17. and that’s two back to back lies, folks

    do you believe in the tooth fairy, too?


    I don’t believe in that, because I’m a realist

    Brady destroyed evidence on his phone and also didn’t cooperate with goodell.

    Only people who are shady do that

  18. “dbjason6088 says: November 5, 2017 at 11:19 am Am I the only one tired of Jerry Jones?”

    Oh no, Jason, we are all tired of Jerry but there is a fascination with him and his rambling mouth. Like watching a car wreck unfold. It ain’t pretty, but you can’t look away. When we are at breakfast we open up PFT and think “Well, let’s see what old dunderhead has to say this morning.”

  19. “Make no mistake about it, there is zero tolerance, complete zero tolerance by me and by the Cowboys for any enforcement or discipline about domestic violence against any Cowboy player who can help the team,” Jones said.

    There, made your statement truthful for ya, Jerruh.

  20. Dallas was actually 1 of 4 teams that didn’t take a zero tolerance approach to Hardy. Carolina paid him all ’14 to be on the roster and do nothing after his incident. Seattle had a visit lined up with him after Dallas and Tampa Bay wanted to line up a visit too after Seattle with both teams withdrawing their interest for PR purposes only after his meeting with Dallas lasted all day. Your claim is misinformative

  21. The key word is “CLAIMS”. And no, he does not have zero tolerance. Another reason why the NFL is losing me. They have no respect for their fans and/or women.

  22. wib22 says:
    November 5, 2017 at 10:49 am
    Tommy destroyed evidence
    What evidence? Both Brady and Zeke offered phone logs instead of their phones, as per NFLPA guidelines. Fraudger accepted Zeke’s no questions asked nor slurs made, but he refused Brady’s and then had the fact that Brady offered the logs sealed. furthermore, the league accepted every bit of ref Walt Anderson’s evidence EXCEPT which gauge he used for the Pats’ balls pregame – the gauges read differently and the gauge Walt said he used would have exonerated Brady. So in the Exponent report’s photo, the sticker on one gauge was removed and the long bent needle of the other was hidden to make the gauges look similar and thus more believeable that Walt was mistaken – you see, he “had” to be mistaken because only by using the other gauge did the data match (barely) the preconceived notion of deliberate deflation. btw, I know you repeating your bs, for what must be the zillionth time, I’m just posting this response for others.

  23. What’s so confusing about the comment? His point is that if he thought Zeke did what he’s accused of doing, he would be on the NFL’s side and would be encouraging Zeke to lay down and take his suspension. Zero Tolerance doesn’t have to mean you support the death penalty for every player who commits DV. It means you support the NFL giving swift discipline without any warnings or strike systems for clear cases of domestic violence.

    In this case, the NFL has not followed any reasonable course of due process and have declared a player guilty with absolutely zero evidence that would hold up in any court of law. By definition, they behaved inappropriately and the Jones family is right to support their employee’s rights.

  24. “I have zero tolerance!!!. But if it’s an important player then maybe a slap or 2 isn’t so bad….”- Jerruh Jones.

  25. JJ is getting dementia. Everyone know he will do anything to win, including protecting violent sex offenders. Elliott only screwed up half a dozen times, before anyone did anything. Others get slammed each and every time?

  26. I have zero tolerance for Jerry Jones. 5 domestic abuse charges, and Zeke still plays? Look how many players have been suspended and fined for so much less. NFL=Not Fair League. #BoycottPapaJohns (tastes like poop)

  27. My gawd, I wished I had the fire extinguisher supplier contract for Jerruh World. His pants catch fore so often I’d be able to retire a multi-millionaire by New Years.

  28. Smile, the NFL had better evidence then the District Attorney had. They pulled the metadata from the photographs that proved when and where the pictures were taken. They also had a witness who testified that she later saw the injuries on her. Goodell had 4 different advisors including a domestic violence expert, Tonya Lovelace. Zeke and his team were given every opportunity to bring their own experts in to give their opinions on the photos. The medical opinion was that the injuries in the photos were consistent with what she said had happened. These photos were consistent about three separate incidents of violence. They were all consistent with what she said had happened during them. The defense countered with, she fell, she got them at work or in a fight where only hair was pulled. Where were Zeke’s experts to say these injuries were not consistent with her description?

  29. Street, a little bit of advice, leave Walt Anderson out of this. The investigation proved that Walt was mistaken. Remember both JM, JJ and the Colts told the ref what their quarterback’s desired air pressure was. Brady at 12.5 and Buck’s at 13. All balls accept 2 of the Patriots balls were measured to be to the quarterback’s preference. Anderson had two pump two of the Patriots balls to 12.5. Had Anderson used the gauge he thought he used, he would pump air into every single Patriot ball except for two. That is undeniable proof he was mistaken. Your own side testified to it.

  30. OH yeah Jerry it shows…funny thing is you can always tell when he’s lying…it’s pretty much whenever he talks…..

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