Jerry Jones on Papa John’s CEO comments: I know he’s frustrated with the NFL

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones deferred to Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter when asked if the league needs a leadership change as Schnatter suggested.

“The point is I wouldn’t address that as much as I am just how much of an expert [Schnatter] is in this area of gauging consumer and fan response,” said Jones, who has ownership interest in 120 Papa John’s stores. “He’s really uniquely qualified to do that because his entire — I think he has over 5,000 stores and those stores basically send messages out to consumers and then they pick up the phone and either respond to that or not.

“He can literally, when the message comes out, he can really count the responses all over this country. So he’s quite an expert. Plus, he is one of the real American [success] stories of what hard work, being honest, treating people right [can do]. I know he’s frustrated.”

Schnatter blamed his company’s struggles on the NFL’s lingering national anthem controversy, and he blamed the NFL’s lingering anthem controversy on NFL leadership. Papa John’s is considering ending its sponsorship of the NFL.

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  1. If I had a Papa John’s pizza right now, I’d kneel on it and then throw it in the trash where it belongs.

  2. Schnatter’s failure to innovate is leading to his company’s does demise m UberEats,doordash, etc are eating his lunch and he wants to blame it in kneeling players.

  3. Vince Scully whose as iconic an announcer as there is in sports said he won’t watch the NFL anymore…I’m guessing Roger is gone by next year and for most people that won’t be fast enough

  4. Dominos and Pizza Hut stepped right in on Sunday night.

    To classify John Schnatter as a ‘great American’ is a joke. He’s a nickel and dimer, the exact person my father (VP of a Fortune 100 co.) hated.

    They’re not great Americans, they’re cheapskates looking to nickel and dime you to death while they get rich. Ego driven, excuse making, cheapskate. Look at me, ’cause it’s all about me.

    I actually have more respect for Jerry Jones than PJ. That’s saying something.

  5. If people are eating less Papa John’s because of the NFL, then that’s a good thing.

    Other pizza companies have changed their marketing strategy and have come up with new marketing ideas and products. Papa John’s has been the same bland pizza for the last 20 years and people are exploring other options. Papa and Jerrah (financial interest) are just making excuses.

  6. A recent WSJ article seems to think the commissioner Goodell is purposely pushing the NFL into the same direction that ESPN is going. That perhaps explains the revolt being led by Jerry Jones to remove him with the Papa John’s CEO saying things for Jones he can’t get away with.

  7. As if the pizza sales are down because of a lack of viewing commercials during games. Real reason is that he’s in a neck-in-neck battle with dominos and little Cesar for world’s worst pizza.

    I like how this guy has to appear in all of the papa johns commercials. No wonder he and Jerrah are such good friends; they’re both egotistical maniancs who think that the world cares about every statement they make.

  8. Wouldn’t it be easier to just check the other NFL sponsors and see if they have also had a corresponding drop in revenue?

  9. This means that while Manning was playing in Denver, he and Jerry Jones where business partners off the field.

  10. I agtrred with some of what was being said. But this line….“being honest, treating people right [can do].”….was kind of surreal given his history.

  11. If your pizza sales are driven by NFL tv ratings… then you are a horrible CEO. It’s not like people don’t know about Papa Johns. They advertise everywhere all the time, including weekly fliers.

  12. End it already and stop talking about it PJ. I agree Goodell must go and players need an iron fist approach to kneeling.

    Hopefully, the next commish will deal with this – stand and respect – or you don’t play OR get paid.

  13. bannedfromchoirpractice says:

    If I had a Papa John’s pizza right now, I’d kneel on it and then throw it in the trash where it belongs.

    Well he went from making pizzas in his dad’s restaurant to over 5000 restaurants. Apparently a few people like his pizza.

  14. Yeah, we know. Football fans don’t like the league’s leadership either. I don’t like the way this league has turned under Goodell. He’s a horrible leader who managed to piss off two of the most influencial owners with dubious décisions. Things can better as soon as he’s ousted.

    Then again, I’ve had it with this bozo Papa John. If he wants to pull his sponsorship, good riddance to bad rubbish. Anyway, others will want to take his place in no time flat.

    Take your crappy pizza somewhere else, buddy.

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