Kirk Cousins gets last laugh in 17-14 win


The Seahawks pulled out a victory in the final moments against the Texans last Sunday and it looked like they might do so again this week, but Kirk Cousins wasn’t out of tricks.

Playing behind a ragtag offensive line, Cousins was sacked six times and hit several other times over the course of the afternoon but stood tall enough to deliver big plays to run the Redskins down the field after a late Seahawks touchdown. The biggest of those plays was a 39-yard strike to Josh Doctson that set up Rob Kelley‘s one-yard touchdown run with 59 seconds to play.

Russell Wilson, who hit Doug Baldwin for a 30-yard touchdown with 94 seconds left in the game and beat Houston with 18 seconds left on the clock, got one last chance with the ball, but time ran out on a 17-14 win.

The Seahawks were able to rack up 437 offensive yards, but penalties, three missed field goals by Blair Walsh and two interceptions erased many of those gains. All of that kept the offense from scoring any points until the fourth quarter, which is when Wilson opened 7-of-8 for 114 yards and two touchdowns to put them right back into the game.

Cousins made all of that moot and got the Redskins back to .500 on a day when they were missing four starting offensive linemen, tight end Jordan Reed and wide receiver Jamison Crowder. That made for a fairly ugly offensive showing for most of the day, but Cousins managed to go 21-of-31 for 247 yards — the sacks and lack of a run game meant the team only had 244 yards for the day –and his team needed every one of them. They’ll hope to be healthier when the Vikings pay D.C. a visit in Week 10.

The Seahawks are now 5-3 and a game back of the Rams in the NFC West. Getting back on top will take cleaner play after 16 penalties for 138 yards on Sunday and they’ll need to work quickly with a trip to Arizona looming on Thursday night.

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  1. Great play by Josh Doctson! The REDSKINS are a great team and we just beat the other great team in the NFC in there house. By the way, Kirk Cousins is still not worth max money. Even blind squirrels find a nut once in a while. See you in the playoffs. Redskins will be in over Cowboys.

  2. Blair Walsh, misses 3 makeable field goals. Oh boy. Good win for you Washington. Seattle’s OC Daryl Bevell is hurting Seattle as much as its dismal OL.

  3. The Seattle Wilsons… er… Seahawks are powerless when Russell Wilson can only perform five or six magic tricks in a row, when eight or nine in a row are needed to win. Looking at Seattle’s 5-3 record, they would’ve lost at least two of those games without Wilson’s late heroics… in other words, they’d be an under .500 team… as I said recently: without Wilson, they wouldn’t even make a wild card. But maybe they won’t make it with him, either. Seahawks diehards yell and scream, but we all know it’s true, so heck with them.

  4. Logical Voice is wearing his Kirk Cousins pajamas running down the street yelling “ how you like me now !!”

  5. Even as a Cowboys fan, I gotta give cousins some credit. Big performance to bring his team back in such tremendous circumstances. I didn’t think he had it in him, but kudos from a hated rival.

  6. Man it must be so frustrating to be a defensive player for the Seahawks. To play that great only for the Wilson led offense to provide no help whatsoever.

    They also won the game against the Texans by forcing 3 int’s and scoring 7 pts, but Wilson gets all the credit.

    Texans offense-38 pts
    Wilson led offense-34 pts

  7. If ravens had cousins they’d be getting rings ordered. Instead they have a guy that doesn’t care anymore

  8. Huh? Neither of those two teams are “great”, both are very flawed… obviously. The Eagles, Rams, Vikings and Panthers are all better than these 2 teams. Maybe even the Cowboys and Falcons. Both are borderline playoff teams though I think the Seahawks will make the playoffs… they certainly aren’t going to lose the rest of their games ?! Smh

  9. Watched this game in Colorado. Seattle needs a new place kicker, and 4/5 of an O-line.

    Seattle fans realize now why the Vikings got rid of him.

  10. Vikings coaches, players and fans are still glad they got rid off Blair witch project. He’s haunting which ever team he goes to.

  11. Skins played without 10 starters, including 3 Pro Bowlers and 4 of 5 offensive lineman. This was a great win.

  12. This lands on Walsh. And Seattle scoring too quick at the end of the game. Two good catches by the Skins on last drive. But Seattle should’ve been up by 13 at that point, not 4.

  13. Remember when Blair Walsh pointed at the Vikings sideline in a preseason game to mock them for cutting him? And then he basically said he was the victim and should not have been cut?

    It’s the old saying: If you point a finger at somebody, there are 3 pointing back at you.

    Walsh has only proven he is unreliable. He started off great, but all that greatness has been cancelled out by the lasts 4 years of inept performances.

  14. Keep kneeling, seahawks. You know what they say about “karma” – if you don’t know, ask Deshaun Watson. He was happy to kneel in seattle last weekend.

  15. clock operator almost cost Redskins game. Wilson was clearly sacked and clock never should have stopped.

  16. I remember the pre season when all the Hawks fans were crowing about how Walsh will be good on their team. The Viking fans laughed and said don’t worry the yips are coming. Welp, have fun with all of that stuff…………..

  17. Seattle decides to play games during games…..Redskins hung around and said…’thank you very much’. There was absolutely no reason this game should have been within 1 score at the end….buuuuuuut it sure was. Last week Willy threw a TD instead of spiking it, this week he took a sack instead of spiking it. Cousins dropped a couple beautiful passes there at the end. We got Kirked! Along with 500 our stocking.

  18. usdcoyotesfan says:
    November 5, 2017 at 7:47 pm
    I called it last week the Hawks won’t win another game this year.
    yeah. See you Thursday

  19. I’d take Cousins over that fraud Alex Smith. He turned back into the whiny and wimpy game manager today against the Cowboys.

  20. too many mistakes. And then the D let us down at the end. Cousins sure stands in there against the rush.

    It’s a flawed, frustrating team this year. This one hurts.

  21. Pete Carroll blamed the lousy running game of last season on running back coach Sherman Smith. So he fired Smith. I suppose Pete just found out that it wasn’t Smith’s fault after all.

  22. Cousins is a damn good QB . I’m an Eagles fan but if there was no wentz I’d take this guy. Shannahan knew what he was doing. RGwho? Imagine if they didn’t waste that pick?

  23. As a fan of an NFC East team – the Eagles, to be exact – who has never been overly impressed with Cousins, I have to eat some crow today.

    Despite playing about as poorly as a QB could play for the first 58 minutes of that game, Cousins delivered on the Redskins’ last drive with the game – and the Redskins season – on the line.

    That is no small feat in that venue, especially against that defense and playing with a 3rd-string O-line and no weapons outside of Vernon Davis and Chris Thompson.

    Props to Kirk and the Skins for a tremendous win, and thank you for making the Eagles path to the number one seed in the NFC that much easier!

  24. wib22 says:
    November 5, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Cousins reminds me of brady minus the cheating

  25. Skins fan. One of the greatest wins ever. the Skins are literally missing 1/3 of their team. Played the “so called” best team in the NFC, in their house with the 12th man crowd, and whooped them. Not sure how many teams are looking forward to playing the Skins.

    I have to admit I gave up on them for this game, as did the rest of the world…. Excuse me but did the NFC east defeat the Chiefs, Denver and Seattle? Be interesting to see the power ratings next week.

  26. Cousins reminds me of brady minus the cheating
    4th quarter of SB 49 and 51 must have been more than she could stand.

  27. wib22 says:
    November 5, 2017 at 7:49 pm
    Cousins reminds me of Brady…

    O-B-S-E-S-S-I-O-N: When you can’t think of another way to work in a Pats slam but your need to do it is so overwhelming you post total nonsense on a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with them. Poor little dollfan posts more about the Pats than any Pats fan.

  28. I agree with Hawkwind. The Skins played a great game, even more impressive that the team is depleted. I only put partial blame on Walsh. We got out-coached. Bevell got owned in our house today. No rushing yards again, very few short passes and screens, and 16 penalties. There is no reason we should have lost this game.

  29. hawkwind8 says:
    November 5, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Excuse me but did the NFC east defeat the Chiefs…

    The Cowboys did. The Redskins and the Eagles didn’t. Haven’t played the Giants yet.

  30. atlantablewa28to3lead says:
    November 5, 2017 at 9:31 pm
    Hopefully Walsh doesn’t cost his team a first-round bye like Feely did with the Giants several years back with all of those missed FG’s.
    I wouldn’t worry about him costing you a first round bye. I would worry about making the playoffs. The guy is a cancer. The 12’s got to see it first hand with “Wide Left From 27”. Now you get to live the nightmare like Vikings fans did.

  31. The Redskins defense coach called as good as a game as possible and the players played lights out on defense and won the game. However,
    I can’t understand how Gruden can call plays the force his qb to sit in the pocket and get sacked 6 times, knowing that he has only one offensive lineman starting and he has two sprained ankles and absolutely no running game. He called very few plays to get Kirk out of the pocket and harms way. If Gruden doesn’t changed his play calling Kirk won’t last and if Kirk doesn’t start to use his legs sooner he won’t be alive to sign with any team next year. Stupid on both Gruden and Cousins and I’m a fan of both.

  32. Thanks for taking Walsh off our hands. Will never understand why Seattle wanted him after proving over two consecutive seasons he will cost you key contests….

  33. Remember before the season when every 2012er was on here crowing that they were the LOCK for the NFC West title?

    Rams are clearly the class of the division this year.

    If the the Seahawks lose in AZ Thursday, they will have the SAME RECORD as AZ. lol. Think about that.

    This is why the games are actually played.

    One Year Dynasty.

  34. Ole Petey better get the generic Adderall back into the boys to get their minds right as they got two in the wagon an one still dragging, it’s like the monkey said after the train ran over his tail” it wo t be long now”

    For the highly feared 12th man, let’s lose the goal line slant pass play, I’m gonna go out on a limb an say it’s not a high percentage play since that Dan Super Bowl choke.

  35. Choking traditionally means underperforming with the game on the line, win or lose, in the waning minutes or seconds.

    Missing three medium-range FGs on a cold rainy day over the course of a low-scoring game in which the Seahawks took the lead in the final minutes? That’s just a bad day at the office.

    Cute how you Vikings fans try to make it into an epic choke job.

    Propers to the Redskins. It wasn’t just 3 plays at the end that won them the game, they played hard and (mostly) smart for 60 minutes, and absolutely deserved the win. Can’t blame it on Walsh or Bevell or Pete or anyone else, the Seahawks didn’t lose a game they should have won, they lost to a better team on this day.

  36. This was a game that was won basically by Seattles horrible kicker! And they deserve to lose by bringing this guy in. The Redskins defense is the component who won the game for Washington. They held the Seahawks in check all game basically. I mean they scored 40 points last week. That last minute “heroic” would be too little too late to even matter had the defense not played the Seahawks tight. Funny how people spin the game. Cousins was quite unimpressive all game until the end. He played timid and way to check down safe. He is definitely going to protect and build his personal stats, ie. completion percentage (with check downs) and not risking any interceptions, and finding the wide open man. If a kicker misses the first 4 kicks but makes the last game winning kick, you are happy, but you know there are problems and you don’t hail that kicker as “the man or great in any way”. He just did what he needed to do after he sucked all game. That is what I saw from Cousins last night. What did I miss here.

  37. As a staunch Redskins traditionalist, I felt very uncomfortable with the game I saw yesterday. The Redskins I know and love would have Absolutely given up that he may at the end of the game. As a team, we’ve always dedicated ourselves to helpinging other quarterbacks get into the hall of fame. We failed last night.

    When a star quarterback needs a legendary game-winning drive, the Redskins are there. When a momentarily excited fan base needs to be devastated, the Redskins are there. When a team needs to collapse during what was once a promising season, the Redskins are there.

    I dont know what team I was watching last night, but those aren’t the Redskins I know and love.

  38. Offense finally came through! However, the game ball should go to the DEFENSE! Even with all the injuries to still play at the level that they are is quite frankly remarkable. HUGE shout out to Manusky and his staff!!!

  39. aj66shanghai says:
    November 6, 2017 at 3:08 am
    Cute how you Vikings fans try to make it into an epic choke job
    I don’t think it is just the Vikings fans here that think it was a choke job. But the Vikings fans should know Walsh a little bit don’t you think?

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