Raiders make wrong kind of history through eight games

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Here’s something I just noticed on the NFL Network crawl. I knew the first part, but not the second.

First, the Raiders have not intercepted a single pass through eight games. Second, no NFL team has ever done that before.

It’s an amazing stat, given the decades in which passing was less prevalent in the NFL. And with the Raiders playing their ninth game tonight on NBC, they’ll be without three cornerbacks due to injury — David Amerson (foot), Gareon Conley (shin), and Demetrius McCray (knee) — leaving them with only three for the game at Miami — T.J. Carrie, Dexter McDonald, and Sean Smith.

The Raiders will be facing Jay Cutler, who has recovered from multiple cracked ribs after only one missed game. He has thrown five interceptions in six games this year. If he gets No. 6 tonight, it keep the Raiders from breaking their own record.

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  1. cobrala2 says:
    November 5, 2017 at 8:31 am
    I think the majority of us drank the Raiders’ Kool-Aid last year.


    Yep. I didn’t expect them to go to the Super Bowl like some of their fans but with their offensive weapons, I at least expected them to make the playoffs and win a game or two.

    I’m not complaining but TB is another team that has underwhelmed from where many, including me, thought they’d be. On paper, both teams LOOK like they should be better than their records. Since they’re division rivals, I’m not taking TB lightly, even though we’re at home. Because The Dome has NOT been our home field advantage for the past three seasons, that it has been in past seasons.

  2. The Raiders are who we thought they were……and still are….2nd class to the Kansas City Chiefs.
    Mediocre Coach, mediocre team, low class fans.
    The Chiefs OWN the AFC West

  3. Raiders might’ve gone 12-4 last year but their point differential was only +31, a tell tale sign of an overachiever.

    I didn’t think they’d be fighting to stay out of the basement, but I thought their defense would be a problem.

    Not having a pick in eight games is remarkable. But I have no trouble believing that’s an NFL record. Passing might’ve been less prevalent in past eras but QBs threw a lot of INTs all the same.

  4. romosmicrodongs says:
    November 5, 2017 at 9:15 am
    Lots of teams are awful this year, you guys. There are maybe three teams worth watching.

    – – –

    I have to dispute this assessment. The Raiders are SO bad this season, that it’s actually fun to watch them. They’ve invented so many imaginative ways to give up points.

  5. The Raiders defense has consistantly under performed since the day Del Rio showed up. Elway let Del Rio go because he felt he was holding their defense back. They went on to win a Super Bowl while our Defense has struggled ever since. We had the 5th best offense in the league last year, yet Del Rio fires Bill Musgrave and keeps Ken Norton. SMH

  6. “The Chiefs OWN the AFC West”

    – and the longest Superbowl drought any AFC West team. OAK, DEN & SD/LA have appeared in 14 Superbowl’s and won 8 compared to KC’s 2 appearances/1 win. Such an utter failure ours, say that as an lifelong Chiefs fan.

  7. So much for the might Raiders I guess. They have 8 games to turn things around like everybody else at the halfway point. Its not out of the realm of possibility but doesn’t seem likely.

  8. Just remember, they needlessly got rid of their OC last year. Their new OC tries to use big power blocking OL’men and use them in a zone scheme.

    Then you have Reggie McKenzie who quite frankly sucks as a GM. Makes bad pick after bad pick. He got lucky a couple of times, but the rest of it is complete suckage.

    Luckily for the Raiders, those hits are cornerstones of a franchise. But they have to start doing what made them good last year. They also need help on defense bad.

    Firing Bill Musgrave was a huge error, and if the scuttlebutt is true, it was because of Del Rio.

  9. Worst secondary, maybe ever. And while the defense is among the league worst, Derrick Carr is the most overrated QB in the league. He’s a good QB, but hardly elite. And certainly not worth that contract. A way better staff would help him, a lot.

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