Ref: Jalen Ramsey ejected as an “instigator”

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Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Bengals in a decision that quarterback Blake Bortles called “BS” after the game.

Ramsey was on the receiving end of an attack and punches launched by Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green, who was also ejected. Bortles and others with the Jaguars seemed to object to Ramsey being ejected without doing the same, but referee Brad Allen said after the game that Ramsey was kicked out for being the “instigator” of the incident.

Allen told Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, who was serving as the pool reporter for the game, that Ramsey pushed Green to the turf and that both players had been warned after previous incidents on Sunday.

“That’s correct. You don’t have to throw a punch in order to be disqualified,” Allen said.

Ramsey’s departure didn’t keep the Jaguars from moving to 5-3 with a 23-7 win, but it could cost him some money when the league doles out fines this week.

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  1. I saw it and I have no idea what Ramsey did other than a mild, half-hearted push. AJ Green just lost his damn mind.

  2. Complete B S call on ejecting Ramsey. He pushed A J and guess what refs, that happens on every other play. No reason at all for A J to blow up and headlock, punch and throw Ramsey to the ground. Do a better job doing what your paid to do refs. League needs to look into this.

  3. AJ shoved first….when Ramsey shoved back he fell like a kicker…..jumped up and went nutz. I was at the game and what green did was totally uncalled for.

  4. AJ Green was putting his hand on Ramsey as a means of keeping him away from the play. So Ramsey shoved him. I don’t know what Ramsey did wrong. If the offensive guy is blocking, the defender is certainly within his right to shove him as hard as he wants.

    Ramsey shouldn’t even have been flagged, let alone ejected.

  5. I think they threw him out because he started it and all the other stuff going on the entire game. If the refs started doing this more often they would stop acting like punks. I have no problem with both getting ejected. I’m tired of watching a baseball fight after almost every play.

  6. Bengals fan here. AJ Green is showing a level of frustration this year that we’ve never seen from him. My guess is that he’s not enjoying it anymore and he’s probably ready for a new coach or a new team. Maybe his is the voice that mike brown will hear to finally move on from Marvin Lewis

  7. Ramsey’d been warned several times to cut out the cheap shots, that’s why he got tossed.
    BTW, the Johnson/Finnegan bout a few years back was a lot more entertaining.

  8. Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. So if AJ doesn’t lose his mind and tackle and punch Ramsey, does Ramsey still get tossed from the game? No. So the only reason he was tossed is because of AJ. This is beyond stupid.

  9. agree with jm91rs – AJ is fed up with Bengals ways and LOSING! I myself am 63 yrs old and remember my dad taking me to the 1st Bengal game at UC. I have been a loyal fan through/through but as a fan I’m more then tired of LOSING! As crazy as it sounds I root for the Bengals to lose every Sunday this year. It may be the only way Mike Brown fires Lewis!! If they finish their customary .500 season Lewis will be retained because this organization is all about Mediocre. Please Bengals KEEP ON SUCKING!

  10. Reminds me of Johnson v Finnegan years ago. Never heard anything bad about Green just like Johnson but always hear things about Ramsey just like Finnegan. Only difference is Ramsey is much better than Finnegan was. Ramsey was shutting down Green

  11. I read an interview where AJ had been telling the refs Ramsey had been yanking on AJ’s facemask during this game prior to the incident. Very uncharacteristic of AJ but good for him, let the Bengals (coach and ownder) know you are frustrated with this team. Blow it all up, get rid of HC, Andy, and Aj Mccarron. (if you have 2 qb’s, you have none as the saying goes)

  12. Where were Pacman and Burfict during this exchange? I guess they only get involved when they’re trying to intimidate an opponent’s plain-clothes coach.

    AJ – leave those clowns and come play for a winner.

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