Saints can’t believe Mike Evans not ejected for “sneakiest of sneak moves”


Saints coach Sean Payton couldn’t believe that Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans wasn’t ejected.

But Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore said he was glad Evans got to hang around.

Evans got a personal foul for his blindside shot on Lattimore, after Lattimore swatted at injured Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston for poking him in the head.

Payton couldn’t believe the play didn’t result in a disqualification, though Evans will be subject to potential punishment from the league later this week.

“I know it went to [the NFL office in] New York to look at, and if there’s not an ejection in that situation, then I don’t know when there’s supposed to be an ejection,” Payton said, via Josh Katzenstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

But Lattimore took the opposite view.

“I wanted to go at him after that, so I was glad he wasn’t ejected,” Lattimore said. “They were just talking on the sideline, and I was turned away, about to walk away and he pushed the back of my head.  I don’t play that, so I had to retaliate. . . .

“That’s the sneakiest of sneak moves. Nobody has any respect for that. It is what it is. He did what he did.”

Evans appeared ready to throw punches, but was pulled off by Saints cornerback De'Vante Harris, who played with Evans at Texas A&M.

“You come at my guy, I’m going to ride,” Harris said. “But don’t get it twisted, Mike is still the homie. I still love him like a brother.”

Evans finished the game with one catch for 13 yards. And is likely to hear from New York later this week to add financial injury to the insult.

13 responses to “Saints can’t believe Mike Evans not ejected for “sneakiest of sneak moves”

  1. Payton complaining about rules enforcement is a joke. Stop the bounty on quarterbacks coach! Should have been banned for life before.

  2. Money from his paycheck will be ejected. I don’t care if you believe the conspiracy that Sean targets QBs. Evans’ knock down was worse than anything Suh could imagine.

  3. Evans is only a part in this equation. Winston was the instigator and should be also facing suspension. It reflects so poorly that a supposed franchise quarterback is instigating an altercation when his team is being humiliated on the scoreboard but he he is apparently too hurt to play. Antics of an immature child who still has or might not ever take the necessary steps to be a true franchise player. That was such a weak move it reminded me of the punk version of Winston at Florida State. I thInk it’s fair to say that Winston lost a lot of respect from a lot of fans today. Not only has Winston’s play plateaued but his maturity has regressed. Grow up young man or you might end up as the subject of a 30 for 30 faster than you can say Ryan Leaf.

  4. If any coaching staff knows an intentional inflection of bodily harm; it’d be the saints coaching staff.
    Kill the head.

  5. It’s time for Bucs fans to come to terms with the fact that Jamis is just plain stupid and is never going to become a good qb. He is simply stupid and you can’t fix that trait. He is always going to make bad decisions and throw interceptions like he gets a bonus for doing so.

  6. 87hollywoodhorn says:
    November 5, 2017 at 7:43 pm
    ^ur soft , im a big ol whodats but i got mad respect for winston and he would whoop u

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    PFT needs to add a translator to this site.

  7. Between Winston and Evans, they should change the team’s name to the Tampa Bay Backstabbers.

    They are #1 in the NFL when taking cheap shots from behind. Not so much when having to look their opponents in the eye like men.

  8. Mike Evans has no composure. He throws a temper tantrum every time the cornerback he is facing is better than him. Pulled the same antics a couple other times this year, particularly when he faced Xavier Rhodes. Hope he catches a suspension. Haven’t seen pathetic cheap shots like that since OBJ earholed Norman a couple years ago.

  9. I’m not surprised Evans would do something with his temper. He cost his team 30 yards and ejected himself couple years ago by mouthing off towards a official after all

  10. Evans deserved to be fined but I’d also fine Winston for starting the whole thing. You’d hope the QB would be working on figuring out how to get the offense on track rather than poking guys in the back instigating fights. I’ve seen QBs get mad and face off with somebody before but don”t believe I’ve ever seen them poking somebody from behind like that. It looked like something a middle school player might do.

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