Taylor Lewan upset with officials for not protecting Marcus Mariota


Taylor Lewan was not a happy man after the Titans’ 23-20 victory over the Ravens. The Titans tackle wants to know why officials didn’t throw a flag on Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon for a late hit on Marcus Mariota.

Lewan barked at officials after they failed to penalize Judon, and he continued his rant in the locker room.

“Don’t hit our quarterback,” Lewan said, via Terry McCormick of titaninsider.com. “It’s bull (expletive). I’ll say it again, it’s bull (expletive); it’s bull (expletive). Bull (expletive).

“Why is it they throw flags on the Thursday night on (Joe) Flacco, but 8 (Mariota) gets hit late all the time and they do that? It’s ridiculous. It’s getting out of hand. People get mad and go, ‘Oh, you’re doing too much.’ No. If they’re not gonna do it, then we need to do it.”

Lewan expects the league to fine him, and he doesn’t care.

“I’ve already been warned once about talking to the refs by the NFL,” Lewan said. “I got a letter about that, but I’m like, protect our quarterback.”

Officials penalized Lewan after a Titans’ touchdown, but Lewan doesn’t believe it was deserved. He said he was “clowning” with Ravens defensive lineman Willie Henry, a former Michigan teammate.

Lewan added he doesn’t hold it against Judon, who apologized on the next series, but he made it obvious he is upset with officials.