Vontae Davis will be week-to-week with non-injury injury

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The Colts are sticking to their story. And we’re sticking to ours.

On the CBS broadcast of Sunday’s Colts-Texans game, Greg Gumbel “confirmed” that the absence of cornerback Vontae Davis was not injury related, explaining that the word came straight from coach Chuck Pagano. It’s not a surprise, since the team’s official report from Saturday was that Davis did not make the trip to Houston for reasons unrelated to injury.

Seriously, what else was Pagano doing to say? That the absence is injury related, and that the update from Saturday was a lie?

PFT has reported that the absence is indeed injury-related, and that Davis is having lingering issues with the groin injury that knocked him out of the first three games of the season. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Davis will be week-to-week moving forward.

Pagano may have more to say about the situation after the game, and it remains highly unlikely that he’ll admit that the team wasn’t being truthful. The real question is whether they’ll continue to weave a tangled web by not disclosing a groin injury on upcoming injury reports.

The Colts host the Steelers next Sunday before embarking on their annual bye.

3 responses to “Vontae Davis will be week-to-week with non-injury injury

  1. could it be they don’t want to admit Vontae Davis is going to miss the rest of the year so they will just make him inactive every week?

    Wow, the Colts not being truthful on an injury report. I am stunned.

    When are the Colts going to Chuck Pagano? (Sorry I stole that from elsewhere)

    Trade Luck to the Jets for #2 Pick and one of our loser QBs Hackenberg or Bryce Petty. Even there is even a 1% chance of Luck making a comeback, I would do it

  2. Colts coming off shady as heck.

    To the above poster:Does anybody believe that Luck’s injury isn’t career ending. If it isn’t, they might make a trade like that because the Colts record from 2012-14 vs 2015-17 is similar to Bert Jones’ run from 1975-77 vs 1978-1980 complete with shoulder injury. And he was never the same.

  3. Bert Jones’ career didn’t end because of his 2 shoulder separations with the Colts in the late 70’s. He played 2 full seasons in 1980 and 1981 after missing large portions of the 1978 and 1979 seasons. He threw for over 3,000 yards in both of those seasons (in a time when that mark was still a pretty big deal/accomplishment.) He was completely recovered from those shoulder separations, and remained that way.

    His career ended because of a severe neck injury that he sustained while playing with the Rams in the strike-shortened 1982 season.

    8 years later, Bobby Beathard actually tried to coax Jones out of retirement to play for the Chargers in 1990 when he saw Bert throwing the ball more than 75 yards in an NFL quarterback contest. After giving it some thought, the 38 and-a-half year-old Jones declined the offer, citing advice from his doctor that re-injuring his neck could cause permanent damage, perhaps even paralysis.

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