A.J. Green will not be suspended

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The NFL will not suspend Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green for his ejection Sunday.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, who was not ejected for shoving Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, is the only player the NFL will suspend for actions in this week’s games. Evans received a one-game suspension.

Green, though, can expect a fine.

Green lost his cool in the waning seconds of the first half, placing Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey in a chokehold, throwing him to the ground and punching his helmet. Green said he snapped because of repeated cheap shots he felt Ramsey was taking.

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  1. Makes sense.
    Chokehold, punching, another chokehold, more punches. No suspension. But make sure you drug test him this week. Don’t want him smoking anything to mellow him out.

  2. AJ Green went full UFC on a fellow player yet doesn’t get suspended. That was a rear naked choke takedown. I understand AJ Green is a good dude, but where is the consistency here?

  3. LOLOLOLOL!!! What a joke! If it wasn’t for fantasy football, I swear that I would not watch another single down of NFL football until Roger Goodell is GONE.

  4. Wow. Im a Green fan but Im surprised that what I watched did not draw a suspension.

    I mean, I have him in fantasy so thats cool. But still the on field behavior (so unlike him too) was over the top. A pro is not supposed to lose it like that.

  5. Don’t have a huge problem with the Evans suspension at all (and I’m a Bucs fan), but how does Green not get suspended for a choke hold and a couple punches? There was a lot of really chippy stuff this weekend, and I thought Green’s behavior was the worst of the bunch.

  6. I’m all for giving AJ the benefit of the doubt because he has shown nothing less than being a stand up professional since coming into the league, but his actions yesterday were the complete antethesis of good sportsmanship and deserves to be suspended for at least one game. The league’s decision is at best questionable and at worst shows complete incompetence and inconsistency in the disciplinary process.

  7. Seriously? I know Ramsey instigated and Green retaliated but a choke, body slam, and punches were involved. If that doesn’t warrant at least a one game suspension then I don’t know what does.

    NFL should’ve at least given a 1 game suspension then dropped it to just a fine after an appeal rather than no suspension off the bat.

  8. This is a surprise. Good for him he survived the PC patrol and Ramsey’s bs in your face trash talk and shove to the ground for extra measure. Green is a really good dude and this was definitely out of character unlike a couple of other Bengal players. Marvin Lewis has lost control of this team enough already he has to go now!

  9. A suspension was certainly possible, but I thought Green said it best after the game: “… when you start trying to take cheap shots when I’m not looking and stuff like that, then that’s when I’ve got to defend myself and I’m not going to back down from anybody. I have a son, and I’m not going to teach him to back down from anybody like that.”

  10. What?? The NFL is inconsistent? That can’t be… The league is WWE… The guy should get suspended significant games not just one or two. NFL=WWE=Fonzi Jumping the shark

  11. Anyone could win a fight the way that Green did. Total surprise choke hold. Can’t believe he is not suspended and I am not a fan of either team. What would be interesting is if an nfl player is ejected during a game his position should not be replaced for that game. Just like soccer or a hockey power play, that side would have to play one man down. Or in this case it would have been 10 on 10. I would tune in for that!

  12. I’m shocked myself and I’m a Bengals fan. Part of me is thinking that right now Green is saying to himself, “What the hell else can I do to avoid playing with this putrid offensive line?”.

  13. the league is actually right on this – it’s worse punishment to have to play for the Bengals.

  14. If the NFL really wants to jazz up the ratings, make fighting legal like the NHL. Let’s see how many of these players really will go so far as to fight when it’s allowed.
    Rule 1. Player must remove his own helmet prior to engaging in fight.
    Rule 2. No kicking
    Rule 3. no more rules

    Have at it boys. Loser gets ejected from the game too. Ratings will soar!

  15. Green’s son is 1 years old. Pretty sure he didn’t get to see his dad defend the family honor while going Tito Ortiz on Ramsey.

  16. This is a league that suspended its greatest QB in 100 years because his footballs are subject to the laws of physics, but won’t suspend a guy for repeatedly choking an opponent live on camera and in front of kids in the stands. I just want to be clear about what we are dealing with here.

  17. If you didn’t actually see it thats one thing but seeing him put Ramsey in a choke hold flip him to the ground then start punching him. Wtf like the Texans owner said inmates are running the show. It sends a clear message to all the high school and younger players that it ok.

  18. Honestly, the biggest danger in the entire fight was Myles Jack spearing AJ Green in the pile. Not saying he did not deserve it, but a metal face mask is a lot harder than a fist. Thought Green and Jack should have been tossed, not Ramsey.

    It probably would have been better if the referees had just flagged Ramsey for hands to the face all along, then it might not have escalated instead providing warnings.

  19. weepingjebus says:
    November 6, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    This is a league that suspended its greatest QB in 100 years because his footballs are subject to the laws of physics, but won’t suspend a guy for repeatedly choking an opponent live on camera and in front of kids in the stands. I just want to be clear about what we are dealing with here.

    This is the result of Goodell “cleaning up” the NFL.

  20. So much for trying to take the NFL seriously. If you are not going to suspend anyone, take both of them, lock them in a room, and let them have at it.

  21. The NFL released a short statement to explain the non suspension. “It was Jalen Ramsey”

    He’s probably the best corner in football.

    If someone had suplexed Darrelle Revis or Deion Sanders back in the day, they’d have thrown that guy out of the League.

  22. Since the league doles out punishment (multiple offenses) based on prior history, this is a fair non suspension. AJ has a squeaky clean history.

  23. moralorel says:
    November 6, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    Since the league doles out punishment (multiple offenses) based on prior history, this is a fair non suspension. AJ has a squeaky clean history.

    Suh choked a guy and didn’t get suspended, and he has a checkered past.

    Looks like choking is okay in the NFL. Don’t hurt the others players feelings though, cause that will get you thrown out.

  24. Green was ejected Evans was not, that to me is probably why one was suspended a game and one not, seems fair to me. Both should also however be fined for their stupidity and then get on with it

  25. Suh chokehold? No suspension. Green mma choke move? No suspension. Sean Payton complaining about the rules not being enforced? Inmates are running the asylum.

  26. “Looks like choking is okay in the NFL”

    Sure it is..watch every playoff game from Andy Dalton

  27. Either they should both be suspended or neither should be. Players who goad other players into a penalty with obvious cheap post whistle shots should not be rewarded.

  28. Evans did something stupid because of what Winston started, hopefully Jameis pays his fine.

    Green threw multiple punches, and even Bengals fans see the double standard because if it were Burfict, he would have got 3 games.

  29. I agree he should not have been suspended, Ramsey has been a cheap shot artist since he came in and kept doing it the whole game

  30. Geesh lots of people don’t seem to realize that AJ Green was ejected from his game in the 2nd quarter and Mike Evans was not ejected . . . thus the reason why the latter is suspended for his next game and the former is not. AJ will still get a hefty fine for his troubles too.

  31. I’m a little surprised I wouldn’t have said anything if he got 1 game. Honestly it was worth it to try and breathe some life into a lifeless Bengals team.

  32. Evans and Green BOTH committed FELONIES! In the real world they would lose their job and be incarcerated. One NFL player gets a fine the other a one game suspension. BOTH SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF THE GAME! Goodell’s culture embraces criminal conduct because the perpetrators are athletes … unless the criminal acts are against women. Then he believes the females that have planned extortion without offering the accused the right to confront his accusers! No wonder the NFL is in decline.

  33. So wait, let me get this straight: Jalen Ramsey gets ejected from the game for ‘instigating’ i.e. responding to aj greens push with a harder one. Then Green puts a choke hold on him punches him multiple times and also gets ejected. So poth ejected, but one tried to beat the crap out of the other, while Jalen did basically nothing. But then no suspension? Are you kidding me, one of these players showed appropriate restraint, and the other went off the rail.

    Of course one of them is in Tom Coughlins ship and the other Marvin Lewis. Its clear which version Goodell prefers. Maybe Mike Brown is the last vote on that contract extension?

  34. Hey morons it’s pretty simple, green was ejected and this served his game suspension Sunday. Evans was not ejected so he will serve his suspension this week. What the real story is that link Winston who instigated the Evans situation. Winston wasn’t even playing and his team getting embarrassed by a division rival and he goes into the field and makes contact with a player. He should be suspended a game for instigation not to mention he is ansuppossed franchise qb? I would t feel right giving this clown 100 million dollars to lead my team and be the face of my franchise. He’s obviously still immature and honestly, his play has plateaued. He continues to make some of the most questionable throws a starting qb makes in the league.

  35. Elliot suspended for dv even tho cleared by police still suspended…Jarvis Landry charges filed but then dropped no suspension for dv nice job Goodell with being consistant!!! Someone please fire this bum!!!

  36. So the Bengals are allowed to kick people in the head and chokeslam and punch people after the play? Seems fair. They have to win at something.

  37. tylawspick6 says:

    November 6, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Yes, but will Goodell’s little pet franchise’s player, Jalen Ramsey, be suspended for trying to start a brawl in the hallway?



  38. I understand Green didn’t get suspended. He has a good track record, and there is thought he was defending himself. If you watch the game back…..Ramsey was being a punk in that game…and had it coming. After every play, he was pushing and taking cheap shots at Green after every play. It would take something huge to get a Mild manner Green to go off like that.

  39. Between the WWE crap of punching someone with a helmet on and KC’s potato sack celebration, the NFL becomes even more pathetic!

  40. Just being a Bungle is punishment enough.
    But watching that dumpster fire of a franchise is hilarious

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