Any NFL job may no longer end Kaepernick’s grievance

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Not long ago, attorney Mark Geragos made it clear that quarterback Colin Kaepernick simply wanted a job in the NFL, and that if he got one his collusion grievance would go away. That may no longer be the case.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a meaningful offer will now be needed (“purposeful, not pretextual,” as the source put it) to get Kaepernick to let go of the tiger’s tail. It’s unclear what that specifically means, but compensation package and path to playing surely will be key factors in the analysis of any offer.

The Texans continue to be the team that currently makes the most sense. Coach Bill O’Brien (who may have gotten himself on to the deposition list) acknowledged on Monday that Kaepernick has been addressed. And even though O’Brien tried to dance around the question of whether he has advocated signing Kaepernick, O’Brien couldn’t easily sidestep the specific question of whether he believes having Kaepernick would help O’Brien coach the team better.

“That’s an interesting question,” O’Brien told reporters. “I would tell you that I like the guys that we have and we’re going to continue to coach them and try to do a better job of coaching them.”

Reporters didn’t press O’Brien for a “yes” or “no” answer. Geragos will. And by the time Geragos gets a chance to question O’Brien, it probably will be too late for the NFL to avoid what has the potential to be a gigantic mess.

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  1. Well if it wouldn’t end the lawsuit, why would anyone bother signing him? Make no mistake – nobody wants him anyway, he has made himself radioactive.

  2. I’d say the NFL needs to file a counter-suit for EXTORTION. Another reason the fan base is leaving in droves. It’s not football – it’s now a soap opera with so many ridiculous story lines that aren’t football-related.

  3. If the NFL had a commissioner that concentrated on football, rather than having to continually make up for his gross incompetence, this nonsense would have never gotten to this point.

  4. There will never be an end to victim Kaepernick’s list of grievances and he should start with the man in his mirror. That said please spare us the he opted out of a contract that would have paid him $14M nonsense. There was a 2 way option in place with no guarantees and the Niners are on record saying they would have cut him had he not opted out.

  5. Colin is Colin and continues to make demands that he is in no position to make but it is nothing new. He wants to be a guaranteed starter, until he decides to retire. He knows the owners will never cave and that is what he wants. Now he is worried that some owner will be forced to sign him so he made another demand to be on a good team and be the starter.

  6. Well if that’s the case now, Kaepernick has definitively played his last game as an NFL quarterback. What is stunning is the fact that he and his lawyer would leak this; stupid move for someone who wants to play again.

  7. I hope a coach, while in court, puts on some game film of Kaep and points out all the mistakes he makes to show why they didn’t sign him.

  8. Now he wants a big money contract and the opportunity to start? Why not ask for even more? Why not demand being the starter on a team that currently has a minimum of 6 wins and an easy second half schedule? Why not demand the team who signs him be guaranteed a super bowl win? Can’t dig yourself out of a hole. Dude will never suit up for another NFL team. He will have a lucrative career as a professional victim.

  9. Maybe the league office can hire him to be a Liasion with law enforcement on social issues or something. Nobody wants him under center.

  10. We’re talking about a QB with a 3-16 record in his last two years with a 47 and 55 QBR rating respectively who was becoming a distraction in the locker room.

  11. Well gee. This means Kaep is no longer an annoying reason to avoid football. This sounds like he might just get entertaining. Im coming back.

  12. Kaep realized his is blackballed for life and not going to get a job anyway. The lawsuit is basically an attempt to force a settlement to make him go away. It won’t win in court but the NFL may think we can spend $10 mil fighting this thing and have a lot of embarrassing stuff get revealed or just give him $10 mil and get this stupid saga over with.

  13. Even if he had a legitimate suit, it doesn’t matter. It would be worth paying him whatever the damages would be when the price for signing him is the total destruction of your team, if not the whole league. Heck, not signing him even after losing the suit would probably more than make up for the damages in regaining revenue from fans that left.

  14. fwippel says:
    November 6, 2017 at 7:14 pm
    Well if that’s the case now, Kaepernick has definitively played his last game as an NFL quarterback. What is stunning is the fact that he and his lawyer would leak this; stupid move for someone who wants to play again.

    He doesnt want to play again. He would be exposed if he did and he knows it. This latest move is just a little insurance policy that doesnt happen after the Texans said they were talking about it.

  15. LOL…..he wants a job that is acceptable to him. What exactly is that? One that will donate money to Fidel Castro? One that will make him the highest paid NFL player even though he is an awful QB? Maybe he wants the NFL to make pig socks part of the official uniform too.

  16. Here’s the funny thing. Anyone who gets deposed should come armed with game film from his last two seasons and show all the passing plays…all of them. Point out the ratio of good to bad and show exactly where his deficiencies are. He asked for it and the NFL is going to be allowed to present that as their case. He’s just not that great and he disqualified himself from going to some teams, especially Miami, when he extolled the virtues of Fidel Castro. He might have been OK had he only stuck to kneeling but the Castro shirt and the pig socks were ill-advised. He’s getting from very bad advice from his girlfriend.

  17. I’m not really sure why him being unemployed is so hard to understand. Yes you have freedom of speech and right to peacefully protest(against the government) not at your job. So if at any job I have had in my life I wore socks that had cops as pigs etc etc wearing Fidel Castro shirts(communist) Malcom X shirts( violent extremist) while on t.v, they have the right to not allow me to work there because of the distraction or may make people uncomfortable. Especially a high profile job like a franchise QB. And him suing to force teams to pay him millions to play a game is not going to work in his favor. Should have done this on his own time and not during his job which is a game of football.

  18. So, being the guy that stands next to Goodell waving a giant feather fan wouldn’t suffice?

  19. Sorry if someone already said…….why not just go to CFL? Prove it really is collusion by playing well. He is not on a team because he is not good enough for the extra baggage. CFL would give him opportunity to show that he is worth the trouble. Besides, seems like a match made in heaven……..doesn’t have to worry about kneeling for our national anthem!

  20. I don’t know that the commissioner is the problem here.

    Kap is just showing what his motives are/were. He is trying to use this to get leverage to get a contract that he thinks that he is worth, and if he doesn’t obviously it is collusion.

    The problem with the NFL doing anything like this is that it only opens them up for more of this, so they really can’t /shouldn’t doing anything with him.

    He keeps making it harder and harder to get back in, if he really wanted to anyway. I honestly believe he is trying to make it look like he does so he can get a big settlement which really isn’t likely.

  21. Sign him, please somebody… drop him into a live game, with a week to prepare. Will that make Mr it’s all about me happy? Or sit him on the bench for at least 4 weeks and have him earn the right to play – and when his practice is garbage (as it was in SF and he was beaten out by Blaine Gabbert) then will he “demand” to start? Then he gets the start and is Garbadge (as he has been for two years of work). Walk this out to any possible ending that Kapernick doesn’t fail? Because HE has. He knows he sucks, he knows he was beaten out by Gabbert AND Ponder. We are all getting played – wake up to the shakedown. Stop pretending we are somehow too smart to fall for this and realize Kapernick knows exactly what he is doing.

  22. Does anybody really care about this? There is no mystique to this story. He wants a payout he knows he can’t play anymore and is using this collusion bs to drum up bad pub for the league so he can get a settlement. But nobody cares I think the media is even getting tired of it.

  23. Smells like setup. The Kap supporters have constantly said Kap will take any job and shot down any talk that Kap has been offered jobs but was asking for too much money. Now all of a sudden they are saying he won’t work for peanuts.

    Could it be that Kap actually has been offered QB jobs but he has turned them down and now his camp is trying to change the narrative. Not that nobody will hire him, but that nobody will pay him what he feels he’s worth and that is somehow collusion.

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