Jared Cook becoming Derek Carr’s trustworthy target

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The Raiders have some big names at wide receiver.

But when quarterback Derek Carr needed to make a play Sunday (and for it to stay made), he looked for tight end Jared Cook.

Cook had eight receptions for 125 yards in last night’s win against the Dolphins, and has clearly developed a relationship with his quarterback.

He’s a matchup problem,” Raiders coach Jack Del Rio said, via Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area. “We’ve had our issues defending other guys like that around the league, the last couple of years. This year we set out to get one of our own, I feel like we have acquired one of our own. Tonight was an example of it. He can be a real factor, he can be a matchup problem for people, and I thought he did a great job tonight.”

The Raiders didn’t have a creature like Cook during Carr’s first three seasons there, making do with a good group of wide receivers (though ones that have developed the dropsies). That’s why getting Cook could prove so valuable, because he’s becoming the guy Carr can trust.

He has 18 catches for 290 yards in their last three games, leading the team in both receptions and receiving yards.

“It’s just time and hard work,” Cook said. “I don’t think you can have too good a rapport with your quarterback. The chemistry is strong, and it’ll get better the more we play together.”

Carr’s glad to have him, since Cook has proven more sure-handed than some of his other options.

15 responses to “Jared Cook becoming Derek Carr’s trustworthy target

  1. He’s been a wonderful addition along with Patterson. As for the drops, Crabtree rarely drops a ball, it’s Cooper who has to come around and soon.

  2. While in grannybay wi, doesn’t agree with that. They claimed Bennett is the best te and let cook walk. What could have gone more wrong with the pack. Erin got injured, Bennett sucks and tt swings n missed every time.

  3. Ted Thompson didn’t need Cook. Marty Bennett was what the Packers “needed”.

    Another fine decision by TT.

  4. Cook is his go to guy now. Cooper, Crab, and Roberts all got the dropsies bad. Get it together guys!

  5. the first 4 out 5 plays in last night game were for Marshawn , which resulted in a total of 2 yards . Cook bailed us out on two third down conversions….I still get frustrated watching Downing’s play calling. way to many predictable runs on first down, and a bunch of 1-4 yard passes….funny thing is whenever we do decide to throw the ball downfield this year, we have had success, yet we love to run , and dink….bottom line a “w” is all I care about.

    Go Raiders!!! Just Win Baby!!!

  6. Jared Cook was a great free agent acquisition. Thanks Reggie!

    McKenzie has the worst active GM record in the NFL (33-55). No one else would hire him. Hard to believe the Raiders still pay him.

  7. fakebookfreddy says:
    November 6, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    McKenzie has the worst active GM record in the NFL (33-55). No one else would hire him. Hard to believe the Raiders still pay him.
    – – – – – – – – — – –
    LOL, signed Tom telesco, David Caldwell,Mike Maccagnan,John Lynch, Paul De Podesta

  8. It’s been nice to see the opp for once struggle to cover the TE. I really thought Downing would be some revelation at OC saying” taking training wheels off” and after how Carr threw deep ball. I thought Holton would be incorporated like Taylor Gabriel. With all the guys struggling to catch it give him more targets than 2. Run plays with Richard and Washington in backfield with Patterson and holton on outside. Last year monday night game the rb’s had a field day in passing game. I wouldn’t mind seeing them run two TE sets with Walford and try and get him going. I think running those two TE with amari in slot and holton on outside would kill defenses.

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