Jeremy Kerley on suspension: I have done nothing wrong

Getty Images

Jeremy Kerley insists he has never “knowingly” taken a banned substance. The New York Jets wide receiver said if you don’t believe him, just look at his build.

After the league made Kerley’s four-game suspension official, banishing him from of the team facility until Dec. 11, Kerley released a statement through his agent.

“I was shocked by a positive test for Turinabol, as I have never knowingly taken any banned substances,” Kerley’s statement reads, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “I am 5’9” tall and 180 pounds, and I have never used steroids in my life. I’m a good athlete but anyone can look at my body composition and tell that I’m not a steroid user. While I did not have enough time prior to the deadline to resolve this case, I fully intend to investigate this matter until I am able to figure out what caused the positive test, because I know that I have done nothing wrong. When I find out what substance was tainted, I will pursue all remedies at that time because this is not right. I have and will always be a clean player, and I look forward to returning to the Jets to play against the Saints next month.”

Kerley has made 22 catches for 217 yards and one touchdown this season.