Lions lead 7-0 after first quarter


Brett Hundley got off to a good start, completing 5 of 6 passes for 33 yards. He drove the Packers from their own 22 to the Detroit 20, where A'Shawn Robinson blocked Mason Crosby‘s 38-yard field goal.

So the 15-play drive resulted in no points for the Packers.

The Lions took over at their own 29 and drove 71 yards in nine plays. Matthew Stafford was 3-of-4 for 37 yards, including a 25-yard touchdown pass to Marvin Jones.

It gave the Lions a 7-0 lead with 1:45 remaining in the first quarter.

Hundley finished the first quarter 7-of-8 for 27 yards. He also is the game’s leading rusher so far with three carries for 21 yards.

24 responses to “Lions lead 7-0 after first quarter

  1. well green bay fans, its clear after 2 weeks off, your beloved team is mailing it in.. next 3 games are bears, ravens, and steelers. they will be 4-7 after that. season over. you laughed at bears vikings and lions losing starters and always said next man up. well, the packers without 1 guy, absolutely stink. mccarthy was lucky he had favre and then rodgers. he cant coach himself out of a wet paper bag.

  2. Lions should have been off the field on that third down but, as is happening all too often across the league this season, a questionable penalty gave them a new set of downs.

  3. well well well, the year that bradford completed 70% of his passes packer fans said yeah whatever, they were all short dump offs. hundley has 7 completions, 6 of which were at or behind the line of scrimmage. in the post game presser, i would say right to donut face mccarthy, “when are you gonna start callahan?, its obvious hundley cant get it done” then watch mccarthy explode.

  4. +++

    Coming from a fan of the team that 9 times out of 10, benefits from a questionable penalty…

    Friggin’ whiners.

  5. The packers pass rush has got to be in the bottom five of the league based purely on the eye test. Lions converting repeatedly on 3rd down and every time, Stafford has all the time in the world to throw.

  6. A 3rd down stop by the Pack was negated by a bogus penalty on #76, and the Lions go on to score a TD. Oh wait, the Packers get every call. Right, skol trolls?

  7. For the first time I actually wanted the Packers to win just so it makes harder for Lions to catch up to Vikings. I know Packas are garbage. Lol

  8. Based on what we’re seeing, Aaron Rodgers should be MVP every year, ‘cuz without that one guy this team goes 1-15 and McCarthy is working the drive through at YooHoos.

  9. 14 – 0 now.

    I can hardly wait to read pkrlvr and usdpuppydog make up another excuse…

    These “diehard” fans should be at the game as tickets were readily available from season ticket holders for less than face value.

  10. The Packers coaches and management were seriously comfortable with having Puntley being their backup QB? I would say they liked him because he is cheap. No fanbase gets suckered more by their team.

  11. man the packer juggenaut is back!!! 3 points, and gruden reduced to saying about hundley “man, this guy can really run” one more thing that is irritating beyond belief..the packers db’s make a stop here and there and start wagging their fingers like no-no no- not on my field.. give me a break…they should call randy wright back from 1986 or whenever he was there.

  12. mediasloppy says:
    November 6, 2017 at 9:38 pm
    That was a bit odd. The camera clearly shows Daniels headbutt the Lions player and Gruden says he didn’t see anything there… lol

    gruden always says he sees nothing. he is the sgt. schultz of the broadcast booth

  13. hey packer fans..the vikings case keenum looks pretty good right about now huh?…..hundley is horrible..mccarthy said he was good to go. he aint good to go. im happy. yet another wasted season for green bay. just so happened it came way early this year.

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