Lions take 14-0 lead


Ameer Abdullah scored on a 4-yard touchdown run giving the Lions a 14-0 lead with 2:47 remaining in the first half, and the Packers, at the rate they are going, will have a hard time coming back.

Abdullah’s run finished off an impressive 13-play, 91-yard drive.

Matthew Stafford has completed 12 of 14 passes for 137 yards and a touchdown. Golden Tate has caught four passes for 56 yards. Abdullah has 12 carries for 39 yards and the touchdown.

The Lions would have a 17-0 lead if not for Matt Prater‘s 55-yard attempt hitting the crossbar.

20 responses to “Lions take 14-0 lead

  1. Yeah, we know. Ya don’t have to rub it in. We’re only half drunk. Wait until we’re blacked out.

  2. Hilarious, Packers have no chance. They’re as dysfunctional as the Browns. Oh wait, they’re worse than the Browns.

  3. I need to apologize to all the packer fans. I have been making fun of TT, Capers and McCarthy for years. All three need to be signed to multi year contracts.

  4. Dink n dunk Huntley and McCathy match each other so well. Better rush out there quick to kick field goal before time expires. Seriously, this team is as dysfunctional as the Browns. Oh wait, they’re worse than the Browns cuz Browns got a better qb.

  5. This is really good. We got three points. We’re not down as much now. Our QB isn’t broken yet and Brett is named Brett. It brings back good memories. It’s all we have now. Because the future is bleak.

  6. I just don’t see any situation that would have the Packers coming back to win this game. Hundley is a first read and scramble. And apparently, that first read is 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Look, Hundley is no better than a rookie, or a deer in the headlights. Those that thought he would “be fine” could not have been more wrong. He could improve, but it will take the entire season to be competitive in any game.

  7. If it weren’t for Hundley’s “stellar” performance, the Packers wouldn’t have any offense at all.

    That 4.4 yards per pass attempt is amazing.

    That, and his team leading 21 yards rushing.

    (sarcasm font on)


  8. I said at the time that we were extremely lucky to win our second super bowl in 2011. With Ted and McCarthy, I knew we would never sniff a third super bowl. I said in 2011 that we should fire McCarthy and Ted and trade Aaron while he had value and start the rebuild and I was laughed at here.

    Now I ask, what do we have to show for having the best QB on the planet for the last 7 years? Nothing. And now he’s not worth a used kicking tee. This is small glimpse of the next few decades as a Packer fan. No GM, no coach, no offense, no defense and no hope.

  9. Someone needs to tell #27 Jones of the pack that they are down by 14. The finger wagging after a tackle must be embarrassing to the packer tradionalist.

  10. Is it me or is Clay Matthews the incredible shrinking man, I guess he has cut back on his weight training,,, wink wink
    Time to consider retirement as the guy is a non factor on a very average defense.
    Hey we still have the “ next man up” that GB fans would so heartily post to the Vikings blog. Ah not really as easy as it sounds now huh?
    Did your defense forget they had a game tonight???

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