Mike Evans: I was “unprofessional,” let emotions get best of me

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Saints coach Sean Payton was upset that Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans wasn’t ejected from Sunday’s game for hitting cornerback Marshon Lattimore from behind while Lattimore was responding to Jameis Winston coming off the bench to poke him in the back of the head.

Evans was given a personal foul for his run at Lattimore and will be subject to more discipline from the league despite the lack of a disqualification on Sunday. Evans didn’t do much to argue against such discipline when asked about his actions after the game.

“I let my emotions get the best of me,” Evans said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I thought [Lattimore] was picking a fight with my quarterback. It’s something I shouldn’t have done. It was very childish. I shouldn’t have done that. Unprofessional. … I want to play. I want to help my team. The league’s going to do what they’re going to do. I shouldn’t have done that. That was kind of malicious. I shouldn’t have hit him in his back like that. I should have just shoved him away, tried to break it up. I reacted too quick.”

Evans should find out early in the week if he’s facing a possible suspension so that there would be time for the appeals process to play out before the Bucs face the Jets next Sunday.

14 responses to “Mike Evans: I was “unprofessional,” let emotions get best of me

  1. I was finally thinking Winston wasn’t the idiot he was made out to be and then he did what he did yesterday, that was as unprofessional as it gets.

  2. Mike has displayed so much effort and hard work into raising awareness for what’s going on by kneeling during the national anthem. I hope this type of behavior doesn’t diminish that.

  3. Easy solution, suspend Evans for a game and in the next Saints/Bucs game Evans gets to stand blind folded in the center of the Bucs logo on the 50 yard line while Lattimore gets a 30 yard sprint right into the middle of his back. Punishment should fit the crime for those chumps down in TB.

  4. Evans isn’t really the one to blame for this. I would want my teammates to defend me. Jameis, however, is the one that have the fingers pointed at him (puns intended). It is my understanding that he was pointing (and then jabbed) Lattimore because he thought the Saints got away with a late hit on Fitzpatrick, and while it is admirable that he feels so strongly about supporting his teammate, it is his fault that the altercation occurred because he put his hand on Lattimore. Lattimore and Evans both reacted the way I’d expect them to-defending themselves and/or their teammate accordingly. It was Jameis who created the incident, and even if there was a possibility that he did to support his guy, he still is the one who made this happen.

  5. Evans, let me correct that for you: “I thought [Lattimore] was picking a fight with my quarterback” when it was my quarterback, who was being “Unprofessional”.

    A guy, Winston, who is 6’4″ and 230 pounds does not need you to protect him from Lattimore, who is 6’0″ and 190 especially when Winston started it.

  6. ak185 Evans was totally to blame for his actions. He should have been ejected on the spot, and should see a fine for sure. You can’t do that, period. You can stand up for your teammates without taking a cheapshot on someone.

  7. Running across the field to throw a cowardly cheap shot sucker punch to the back of the head. 6 game suspension without pay. First Lynch and now this. The NFL has to get control of this right now.

  8. Not being competitive with division rivals in consecutive weeks is humiliating enough. Especially with the pre season hype and the best roster the Bucs have had in years. But this display is beyond embarrassing. Who is running this ship? How are they so consistently unprepared? Who would take their family to a Bucs game? I’ve been to my last for a long time. Sit Winston the rest of the year, bring in significant competition and let him try out next year for a starting position. No one will miss the least accurate qb in the NFL (no, I don’t care how many thousands of yards he has accumulated in 2nd halves playing from way behind every week). The lawyers will love this: how is it that anywhere else on the planet other a football field, Evans’ actions would’ve landed him in jail but he’s still on the field after committing clear assault (not during a play) in front of the nation?

  9. That went beyond “unprofessional”… That was childish, immature and even cowardly ambushing someone from behind…
    Absolutely no honor, dignity or integrity anywhere in those actions!

  10. “That was kind of malicious” is a pretty rare quote for a football player talking about something he himself did.

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