No one went to Cardinals-49ers game

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With so much public fretting about people not watching as much football on TV, there has been less public fretting about people not attending games. But, in some cities, people are not attending games.

In Santa Clara, people did not attend the Cardinals-49ers game. And for good reason. The home team has stunk ever since firing Jim Harbaugh, and the current starting quarterback is C.J. Beathard. The Cardinals currently have Drew Stanton under center, meaning that few members of the Bird Gang will be flocking to wherever Arizona plays.

Even with the understanding that Levi’s Stadium would not be bursting at the button fly on Sunday, the image tweeted by Kent Somers of the crowd prior to kickoff was stunning. The image taken at the coin toss shows a crowd so small that it would almost be possible to count them.

The official Gamebook lists the “paid attendance” as 70,133. But the number of tickets sold and the number of tickets used are two very different things. There’s no was 70,133 people spun the turnstiles on Sunday.

On one hand, it doesn’t matter, because the tickets were purchased. On the other hand, having people not show up means that there are far fewer people to buy the overpriced food, drinks, and merchandise, which cuts deeply in to the profit margin.

Eventually, the profit margin will take an even bigger hit, because the people who are buying tickets and not coming to games eventually will realize that, if they’re not going to come to the games, they should simply not buy tickets.

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  1. Good QBs are fun to watch. Bad QBs aren’t. The 49ers are winless. Kyle Shanahan is a good coach. Look how Atlanta is doing without him. The 49ers just don’t have enough good football players. Give them a QB like Carson Wentz and they’d be above .500. Hopefully they trust John Lynch enough to try to draft their own Carson Wentz.

  2. This is a league-wide problem. The last time I saw the Eagles play at home, there were several blocks of enpty seats.

  3. Want to show your displeasure with bad ownership …… empty seats , no parking revenue, no concessions revenue.

  4. Yeah, we know this as we all saw it on the Sunday ticket, red zone channel, etc.
    If you look closely, there are empty seats in every stadium during every game. It’s not an anthem thing, it all comes down to money.

  5. I noticed that watching Redzone, place was half empty. Wow. Gonna be hard to get those fans to renew their season tickets next year.

  6. I seen highlights of a game recently and the stands were blacked out. LMFAO!!!! And people say us protesting won’t make a difference.

  7. Even though the tickets are sold, they lose a lot on concessions and parking. Wait until the weather gets bad, then count the bodies in NJ, Cleveland and Santa Clara.

  8. Jaguars crowd was thin too. Not glaringly but noticeably, if that makes sense. This, with their first good team in a decade and a very fun team to watch.

    Season ticket renewal time will be dicey across the NFL.

  9. For some reason, the 49ers appear to have escaped criticism for wasting a high 3rd round draft pick.

    They are being applauded for trading a 2nd round pick for Jimmy G and stockpiling a few early picks next year – but they picked Beathard in the 3rd round this year and have already given up on him by trading for JG. Hardly a confidence builder that they will do well in next year’s draft.

  10. Too many options today to go give your time and money to people that disrespect you and your country and that describe you as morally wrong for not agreeing with them.

  11. When the season ticket holders don’t renew, the problem will become more apparent to ownership.

  12. Have the reulsts of the survey asking if winning was important to your stadium experience come back yet?

    Can’t wait to find out.

  13. “The official Gamebook lists the “paid attendance” as 70,133. But the number of tickets sold and the number of tickets used are two very different things. There’s no was 70,133 people spun the turnstiles on Sunday.”

    I’m quoting this to document to Packer fans that claim that Lambeau Field is always sold out. Every game. 100%.

    The cheeseheads have been claiming that the reason the NFL’s official attendance numbers don’t equal the capacity of the stadium is because not everyone shows up.

    Earth to Packer fans. The NFL doesn’t care how many people show up. They care about how many tickets are sold.

    Lambeau Field’s capaciy is 81,441, yet the record attendance is only 79,704 (January 11, 2015).

    So far this season – the largest paid attendance is only 78,381 – the season opener. That’s over 3,000 unsold tickets per game in 2017.

    Lambeau Field has never had a 100% sellout – EVER.

  14. College football rules. The NFL, with their overpaid, protesting millionaires, are going down the drain. Too many franchises, too few good teams, too many legal issues, and way too much political crap. The college teams just play football, which is what we fans want. Dump Goodell… the guy is a cancer and the cancer is growing within his NFL. It’s a mess, and attendance is going to continue to drop as long as all this nonsense is going on. Enough already….

  15. charliecharger says:
    November 6, 2017 at 7:26 am
    Good QBs are fun to watch. Bad QBs aren’t. The 49ers are winless. Kyle Shanahan is a good coach. Look how Atlanta is doing without him. The 49ers just don’t have enough good football players. Give them a QB like Carson Wentz and they’d be above .500. Hopefully they trust John Lynch enough to try to draft their own Carson Wentz.

    Where have you been in the past couple weeks? The 49ers have selected their Carson Went and his name is Jimmy Garropolo. All though he will cost a ton more than Carson Wentz since they elected to go this route. Time will tell.

  16. The problem with going political as a business owner is that you alienate half of your customer base. Place looked less than half full.

  17. Lower the ticket prices and parking, I had free tickets last year to a game and still spend $100 just on myself with the prices for everything else. Last night 2 different people offered me free tickets to the Phins Raiders game and I turned them down.

  18. The real problem no one seems to care about is the false inflation caused by resellers.

    You think actual fans bought those tickets? No way. Those were bought by resellers and when they realize they aren’t profiting on this anymore there’s going to be a huge vacuum of money in the NFL.

  19. No one ever mentions the HIGH concession, parking costs etc, to attend a game.
    That’s one reason, I will never attend an NFL game in person again.
    Even if the tickets were free.

  20. The Santa Clara 49ers are a bad team right now period. They are what their record says they are.
    With that said can they improve? Of course (look at the Rams. But it gets tougher because every draft pick and every trade has to be good, you have very little margin for error when you win 1 or 2 games a year. One thing that’s funny to me where are all the band wagon fans that have been watching Santa Clara since 1949 they don’t say much now..

  21. Too bad for the season ticket holders that purchased the ridiculously expensive seat licenses. Understandably many were caught up in the emotion with a new state of the art stadium and a team that was in a midst of 3 year run of NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance. Same thing occurred last year with the Falcons. Looks like it’s happening with the Rams now. Unfortunately for the season ticket holders they are on the hook for future seasons.

  22. I wonder what’s up with all the empty seats. It’s almost like the NFL did something to really tick off their fans. If they could figure out what it is they might be able to fix it.

  23. Its way more than just the anthem protests and the NFL is quite aware of it. Folks are seeing the NFL for what it really is. A bunch of old out of touch billionaires that have no clue what the average person deals with on a daily basis. Now add in how they are handling domestic violence and how the randomly fine players for the so called “safety of the players’ and you start to see a picture that’s not all that attractive.

    Then include that football in general is on all of the time these days. The NFL is on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays and the games are mostly average (like last nights Dolphins Raider game). Add in college games most every night of the week and you have oversaturation of your product. Add to that the cable viewership is declining as younger folk not really interested in corporate sports are getting their entertainment via Hulu and Netflix and not having cable accounts at all. Think it isn’t an issue? Check and see how the hiring is going at ESPN these days. What, they just had layoffs??? Who da thunk it.

    Now for the 49’ers lets include PSLs and then to add more injury to insult they have outrageous ticket prices on top of being a really bad team. Adds up to really low attendance and in San Francisco, it has nothing to do with the anthem.

    And folks thought the city of Oakland was dumb for not continuing to be the NFLs dog and ponying up a ton of money to get them a new stadium eh? The NFL will pay the debt they owe to Oakland due to having the Raiders leave just as they are in the process of paying debts owed to City of St Louis for the Rams leaving. Oakland will rid itself of 80 million in debt, and they will still have the A’s for 80 games a year.

    The NFL is struggling right now, but its a combination of issues that all add up, not just one.

  24. The real problem is that 49er fans are the biggest bandwagon, fair weather fans there are. But hey, they’ll be sure to tell you how many trophies they have though they’ve never seen them win one.

  25. I walked away from my season tickets (that had been in my family since Kezar Stadium) a few years ago without any regrets. Unfortunately, the Niners won’t feel the true impact of declining season ticket renewals for several years since so many people are still on the hook for 10-year PSL loans.

    In general, though, people are getting fed up with the NFL for a number of reasons, including price, quality of on-field product, and too many off-field issues to count.

    Regardless of your beliefs on the Anthem issue, the fact that this is an issue, and something that has become the number one topic of discussion this season is not a good look for the league.

  26. The comments here are quite ignorant. Oh, it’s because of the protests? Really? Because the winning teams do not seem to have a problem with attendance. Oh, you’re protesting? Really? Because I see your comments here, and I see you’re paying close attention.

  27. NFL = Not For Long. A few players are fun to watch like Brady, Big Ben, Wentz, Watson until he was hurt, Wilson and Goff.
    The league needs franchis QB play.
    The protest and drama hurts big time. I watch the NFL for stress relief and entertainment not politics.

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