Packers finally score touchdown, but Lions answer


The Lions should have had this one safely in hand a long time ago, but they finally seem to have iced it with 8:06 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Detroit has 384 yards and has not punted but has missed on some opportunities to pad its lead. The Lions are up 27-10, but it should be worse.

Ameer Abdullah lost a fumble at the Green Bay 27, ending a promising drive, and on another, the Lions failed to get the ball in the end zone with three runs from the 1-yard line. (That included a fumble by Abdullah that the Lions recovered.) They settled for a 19-yard field goal.

The Packers finally scored on a 1-yard Brett Hundley touchdown run to cut the Lions’ lead to 20-10, but the Lions answered.

Marvin Jones caught his second touchdown of the night, giving him six catches for 94 yards. Matthew Stafford is 23-of-29 for 329 yards and two touchdowns.

12 responses to “Packers finally score touchdown, but Lions answer

  1. Lions answer, but we Packers fans don’t even know what the question is.

  2. As much as I love watching Green Bay lose, I was really hoping they could win this game to essentially end Detroit’s chances of winning the division. The Lions have a really easy schedule the rest of the way, starting tonight, so they have a good chance of finishing around 10-6. Meanwhile, the Packers seriously may not win another game.

  3. I define a good backup qb as one that’s not going to win the game for you, but he won’t lose it for you. I believe this to be a very reasonable standard.

    Brett Hundley, after three years of grooming does not meet that standard.

    This is to say nothing about the rest of the roster. If the rest of the season goes for the packers as I expect it to, they’ll win one or two more games. This SHOULD result in major changes in the off season. But my guess is that next year they’ll get Aaron Rodgers back with 85% of the arm he once had and everyone will pretend that everything is fine.

  4. The bandwagon has lots of room on it.

    After that 2nd pitiful performance at Lambeau, season ticket holders will have trouble giving their tickets away.

  5. Lions had this in the bag when they ran out on the field. Lions did not punt once. Packers did not stop the lions once other than the fumble they recovered.
    This is the worst designed defensive scheme in football. Ted t refuses to draft defensive ends, they cost too much. No pass rush, no pass defense

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