PFT PM podcast, Week Nine Five-Down Territory


The PFT PM podcast is back for another week, and we launch with the Monday Five-Down Territory edition.

Listen below for in-depth analysis of five topics emerging from the ninth Sunday of the regular season.

Subjects include the latest developments in the everlasting Ezekiel Elliott legal gobstopper, a careful look at the NFC South, the Kaepernick collusion grievance, the practical consequences of the NFL’s abandonment of the “clear and obvious” replay standard, and the nagging question of whether, at some point if the 1-3 trend continues for the Chiefs, it makes sense to see whether Patrick Mahomes can be as good or better than Deshaun Watson.

Check back tomorrow for the Week Nine awards plus plenty more. And be sure to subscribe, rate, and review the show at Apple Podcasts. Please. Thank you. Seriously, thank you. (Did it work?)