Sashi Brown denies he sabotaged AJ McCarron trade

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Browns Executive Vice President Sashi Brown is denying talk that he purposely sabotaged the team’s attempt to acquire quarterback AJ McCarron in a trade with the Bengals.

The proposed trade fell through just before Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline, leading to some speculation that Brown purposely failed to get the proper paperwork to the league because he didn’t want McCarron but also didn’t want to refuse the trade that coach Hue Jackson was pushing for. Brown told reporters today, however, that such speculation is “wholly untrue.”

“We were all in it together,” Brown said. “We were all disappointed it didn’t happen.”

Instead, Brown insists that the issue was just that the Browns waited until the last minute to get everything together and couldn’t get it all done in time.

So we can attribute the Browns’ failure to land McCarron to incompetence, not to malice. At least according to Brown.

52 responses to “Sashi Brown denies he sabotaged AJ McCarron trade

  1. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the Browns Owner doesn’t hire a proven solid GM. The moment Dorsey was let go from KC, he should have been in the CLE building as an adviser. With the draft picks these guys have a draft and develop guy would kill it.

  2. Couldn’t get everything together? My understanding is that all the league needs is a quick memo saying the basic terms of the agreement.. X player for X draft pick. As long as the terms match, the league will accept the trade and then they can draft any formal paperwork necessary within a few days. Either Brown is lying or an idiot. Either way, fire him.

  3. A debacle that only the Browns could pull off. Haslam – sell the team. Please. Let’s hope the next house cleaning will finally deliver some people who know how to run a franchise.

  4. Pick your poison….
    Make the deal and look like an idiot for overpaying for AJ McCarron and the Browns continue their low level of performance or Claim incompetence at your inability to know your job?

    Any way you look at it…. a whole house cleaning needs to happen in Cleveland.

  5. Right…the team that has traded and cut players left and right and accumulated a boatload of draft picks did not know the basic rules of making a trade. The whole organization is incompetent and not aligned from top to bottom. Their upper management consists of an attorney and a baseball guy. I’m sure that recipe will continue to make every other franchise envious.

  6. Kind of mind boggling that a professional organization, with executives who are being paid six and seven figure salaries could not submit paperwork by a deadline they knew about well in advance. You would think there’d be measures in place for ensuring last minute deals get handled efficiently. It’s not hard to see why the Browns haven’t been able to put a winning product on the field.

    Winning starts at the top.

  7. Dear Jimmy Haslam. This is what you get when you hire your wife and salary cap guy to run your football franchise. Now that the rumor comes out that your son-in-law is becoming a bigger voice in the workings of the team, i can’t even imagine how much worse its going to get. 1 for your last 24 and this team still hasn’t hit rock bottom. Thanks for nothin, Jim.

  8. I know the Haslams have a reputation of not being very patient but this clown show has to go. Everybody will understand. it is almost impossible for the next regime and HC to do worse. They have to blow the whole thing up. Fire the incompetent front office, fire the 1-23 HC. Hire Scott McCloughan as Director of Football operations and go on a 3 year vacation. I gauruntee they will be better off. honestly, they could hire Joey the janitor and he’d do a better job.

  9. Hey I just realized that the GM’s last name is Brown and the name of the team is the Cleveland Browns. (Mind-blown). By the way, both suck.

  10. Instead, Brown insists that the issue was just that the Browns waited until the last minute to get everything together and couldn’t get it all done in time.


    In any other business, if I dropped the ball on an acquisition that “could have” generated additional millions of dollars in revenue (translates to wins in the NFL), I would probably be fired. However, I don’t get how some of these execs, GMs, and coaches still have a job, keep getting extensions, or same positions on other teams.

    I’m glad the Rams went a different route instead of hiring recycled coaches. Hope McVay has a many years of success to show breaking the mold isn’t bad.

  11. Shasha is so incompetent, if his 1-25 record in the last 26 games isn’t enough to dump this clown. Now this isn’t a shasha problem this is an incompetent owner problem. Whoever hired this guy should be thrown out of the NFL with him.

  12. grantgoodman93 says:
    November 6, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Browns gonna brown


    Brown gonna Browns?

  13. Another horrible Hue Jackson gift to the Bengals. At least someone in Cleveland had the brains to shut it down…..oh never mind.

    Hue Jackson, next coach of your Cincinnati Bengals.

  14. This train wreck won’t end until either Jimmy sells the team or puts his ego aside and hires an experienced, credible football executive to run the franchise. Since neither is likely to happen any time soon, this total fiasco will just continue. The Browns fans deserve so much better after having a proud franchise stolen from them and only to be replaced by this garbage.

  15. I sure hope Sashi had a better excuse prepped for the person to whom he answers. Dial-up modem on his Windows 98 computer failed? He didn’t notice his watch stopped at 3:58 pm? Had to run to the potty?

    Or maybe that a last minute review of problems with McCarron’s free agency status made the price of his acquisition too steep and couldn’t be resolved by the deadline? (See how easy that was? Even if it doesn’t totally fit the facts, but that’s not a problem in today’s USA.)

    “Just couldn’t get it done” explains absolutely nothing except sheer incompetence.

  16. Well he better not have, if he ever wants other GMs to trade with him again. Once that credibility is shot, there’s no getting it back.

  17. Oh boy. I’m thinking the best strategy would have been to deny they were even trying to make a trade. Just pull a Trmup, shout “Fake News”at the top of your lungs, and then tweet out demeaning things about the reporter.

  18. First thing I’d do if I was Sashi at the end of the season is get in touch with the Chiefs to see what it would cost to trade for Alex Smith. I wouldn’t give a a first round pick, but a 2nd and 4th and see what the say. The Chiefs already have Mahomes that they are grooming to be their starting QB. Smith as starter next season, while I groom my first overall QB pick. Be a much better deal than AJ.

  19. therealraider says:
    November 6, 2017 at 2:16 pm
    it is almost impossible for the next regime and HC to do worse.


    Do you know how many times Browns fans have had to say this over the past 20 years?

  20. “So we can attribute the Browns’ failure to land McCarron to incompetence, not to malice. At least according to Brown.”

    Uh…hurray? I dont know if that better, worse or about the same. I am very glad I am not a Browns fan.

  21. The reality is they were SMART to back out of the deal. Jimmy G was had for a 2nd round pick. There’s no justification to give a 2 AND a 3 for AJ. Looks like a case of buyers remorse to me….and they wanted a way out. He does lose the trust of other GM’s when it comes to getting deals done in his future.

  22. The fact that this trade would have been one of the dumbest trades ever made in the NFL makes me think Sashi is playing dumb. And good for him, McCarron’s grievance seems like it has merit. He could be a free agent in March.

  23. Part of me thinks that Sashi proved he does have an ounce of competence in him. Trading a 2nd and 3rd (which is almost like a 1st and 2nd where the Browns will be picking) for McCarron is too much. As a Bengal fan, I would have loved that trade.

  24. I am not a Browns fan, so I am not pressed for results now. My philosphy for judging team building is: is the team improving, regressing, or statying the same. If you are not improving, then there is a problem. Sashi has over-emphasized FUTURE improvements to his determinent. There should be some result from his regime by now.

  25. I think the Browns dodged a bullet….. Better to get one of these qbs from the draft and pray to the FB gods he isn’t a Tim Couch….. Or a Kizer….or a Manziel or a …. you know typical browns Drafted QB. This one is going to have to be good despite all of that.

  26. Yeah you dork and Alex smith is 34 years old too. Mccarron at least has his promenajead of him, Alex goes to Cleveland he might as well purchase his plot for Burial playing in that offense. Smith would be better off with a team missing a qb top hat is playoff ready like Minnesota or Jacksonville.

  27. There was no sabotage. Its the Browns FFS. Its one of those rare instances where there was a bullet heading straight for them, but they tripped over their own feet, fell in the mud and averted disaster. They came out a little muddy but they’re still alive.

  28. Because obviously when asked he would say “you got me guys” and totally admit to double crossing his head coach.

    I swear the NFL media asks questions just for the sake of hearing words coming out of their own mouths.

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