Texans are sticking with Tom Savage this week

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The Texans may talk about other quarterbacks this week.

But they’re sticking with Tom Savage as their starter.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien told reporters today that Savage can improve, and that “I do expect him to be the starter” this week against the Rams.

That’s not necessarily a surprise, as he’s been around there all year, and they went and retrieved T.J. Yates from the basement they keep him in last week to go with Matt McGloin, after Deshaun Watson was lost to a season-ending knee injury.

But as long as there’s a vacancy or a team that could otherwise be competitive if they had a real quarterback, the questions about Colin Kaepernick are coming.

O’Brien talked around them mostly, saying he and General Manager Rick Smith talk about everybody. But it didn’t take a long look between the lines to know where this one’s heading.

“I like the guys that we have and we’ll continue to try to coach them,” he said.

Later, he was asked again and said: “Colin Kaepernick is a good football player, hasn’t played in a while. These things are going to continue to be discussed.”

Of course, as long as Bob McNair owns the Texans, no one’s going to expect them to be the team to give Kaepernick an opportunity. But with the way Savage played yesterday (like crap, by his own admission), the Texans football department may come to realize the opportunity they have that’s being squandered.

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  1. They need to call RG3 in there. He certainly plays more like Desean Watson more than anybody else on that roster. And since the offense worked pretty well with that system for Desean, they should bring in RG3 for the year to see if he can help elevate that offense over the current incumbents. I mean what do they have to lose. They have Desean for next year.

    These NFL guys really surprise me with their decisions sometimes at QB.

  2. Kaepernick doesn’t know the Texans’ system, and he should have thought about the repercussions of his actions last season. When you make a mistake, payment is usually due at some point. Have no sympathy for players refusing to address the real causes of inequality. No amount of changes to police policy will have any effect to the conditions we see in the inner cities.

  3. “But as long as there’s a vacancy or a team that could otherwise be competitive if they had a real quarterback, the questions about Colin Kaepernick are coming.”

    Other than for the media and to his lawyer what does being an otherwise team in need of a real QB have to do with questions about Colin Kaepernick? Bringing in a potentially disruptive and divisive player along with the attendant media circus that would descend on your team is a very quick way to become noncompetitive.

  4. I keep seeing Kaepernick pushed as a solution. If they signed him what would happen to T.J.? He would then be unemployed and there would probably be an outcry as to why he isn’t employed by an NFL team when he is good enough to play!

  5. “We know he’s slow, ponderous, lacking athleticism, and uninspiring, but damn, that name. How can you drop a guy named Tom Savage in a physical sport like this?”.

  6. wib22 says:
    November 6, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    Should’ve called the pats about garoppolo
    I don’t know what we’d do without your keen insights, since to the rest of us it was crystal clear that Garappolo would never be traded to an AFC team, or a contender, and definitely not a team that was both.

  7. This is just like the Tebow phenomenon, kneeling and all. The football people don’t want the guy but the media is determined to keep the ‘story’ alive.

  8. Sorry but there’s no way Kaepernick is going to join a team now that he has a lawsuit working against the NFL. He’s already spent a ton of money on lawyers and already deposing owners and the commissioner, he’s certainly not going to just drop it all to go to a middling team with no experience in the offense and certainly not even in shape yet.

  9. There is no way in hell that Kap isn’t far more qualified than most of the previous QB signings during the season this year. Owners really are far more interested in preserving their hypocrisy than they are in winning games.

  10. RGIII makes sense, but the best non-injured QB on the roster is McGloin. He knows BOB’s system dating back to his PSU days. So, he was in Oakland for 4 years and then tried to make it on his hometown Eagles roster in the off-season, but this is the guy I was saying that Houston needed to sign as a backup in the last off-season. He is a gutsy QB and not afraid to pull the ball down and scramble. Definitely better than the two QB’s ahead of him at the moment. You need to keep this guy around for next season as Watson’s backup.

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